Strategies for uncertain times

What to consider doing when the markets get volatile.

With market volatility rising again, it may be a good time to revisit your investing strategy.


Behind the market pullback

Slowing earnings growth and rising rates triggered a sell-off.

More rate hikes ahead?

The market may be underestimating the number of rate hikes ahead in this cycle.

Opportunities in volatile markets

Where our managers have invested amid choppy conditions.


US and global cycles still maturing

While the risk of a US recession remains low, late cycle pressures are on the rise.

Quarterly market update

US economy stays strong, but the cycle is maturing as the Fed tightens.

Bond opportunities ahead

Where should bond investors look as economic growth continues and rates rise?

Investing strategies

Navigating market pullbacks

Make sure you haven't taken on too much risk.

Upside of down markets

Here are 5 ways that may help take advantage of falling prices.

Successful investing

Planning, consistency, and sound fundamentals can improve results.

Trading strategies

Buying market pullbacks

Sudden price drops can be nerve-wracking, but they may provide opportunities for some.

Protect your profits

Learn how put options can act like an insurance policy to help protect your gains.

Trading orders

Consider these tips for using orders—such as limits—in today's shifting markets.

Next steps

Get help

Make an appointment to talk with a Fidelity advisor.

Analyze your portfolio

Match your investment mix to you goals.

Find more news

Read more commentary from Fidelity experts.