Building savings

Saving for big goals doesn't have to feel overwhelming. We'll help you get there, step by step.

The Fidelity perspective

Track your long-term goals

Use our Planning & Guidance Center to explore investment strategies for your goals and monitor your progress.

Just getting started?

We're here to help no matter where you are in your financial journey with the account choices, tools, and information to help you move your money forward.


Planning for the future

5 things to review annually

Plan for your family's future as you review your savings and investment strategies.

Saving & investing for a child

See the account options that fit a child or grandchild’s specific savings needs – and open one that’s right for you.


Creating your investment strategy

How to start investing

Learn how to pick investments and build a portfolio that’s appropriate for your feelings about risk.

The 3 A's of successful investing

You're more likely to achieve your goals with a strategy grounded in the three A's: amount, account, and asset mix.


Saving for retirement

Retirement saving strategies

It all starts with seeing what's possible. We can help you bring your goals into focus and create a clear plan with actionable steps that leaves you feeling good.

Choosing the right investments for your IRA

Opening an IRA can be an important step in implementing a retirement savings plan and can help you meet your goals of investing for growth, income, or both.


Diversifying your investments

Build a diversified investment strategy, then fine-tune your strategy at least once a year or whenever your situation changes.

Why diversification matters

See how diversifying your assets can help balance risk and reward.

Guide to diversification

Learn to how build a solid investment strategy to help realize your goals.


Examining your tax strategy

Tax-efficient investing
Who doesn't want to keep more of what they earn? Create a plan designed to help reduce taxes on your investments.

Charitable giving
Create a smarter charitable giving strategy designed to make an impact. Fidelity Charitable® can help you increase what you give and potentially reduce your tax burden.

Fidelity resources to help build your savings

Discover low-cost money management

Fidelity Go® is a robo advisor designed for investors seeking simple, low-cost* professional money management.

Cash management

Our cash management account gives you flexibility to access your cash whenever you need it while still allowing you to put your money to work.

Save for retirement with a Fidelity IRA

Have you maxed out your 401(k)? A Fidelity Roth or Traditional IRA gives you another tax-advantaged way to save.

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