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Common questions

  • What are referrals?
    The Fidelity referrals page provides Fidelity customers with a simple way to refer others to Fidelity, allowing you to share Fidelity's great value and service in a few easy steps.
  • How do I refer someone to Fidelity?
    From the Fidelity.com referrals page, click the Refer your friends and family button. Next, copy your personal referral link and share it on your own. Your referral can click that link to learn more about the advantages of everything Fidelity has to offer. Alternatively, you can enter the email address of the person you would like to refer. After entering your referral’s email address, click Refer now and then Fidelity will email the invitation directly to your referral.
  • What will be in the email that my referral receives?
    The email will indicate that you referred them to Fidelity and it will provide information about the benefits of everything we have to offer.

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