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As your needs in life change, so does the help you require. At every turn, we're here to help you plan—from investment strategies, to complex wealth management needs, to managing your portfolio.

Investment advisory offerings to help fit your needs

Our digital solutions and experienced advisors can help you meet all your financial goals.

Fidelity Go®

Digital investing + financial coaching
Digital investment management and planning, plus unlimited access to 1-on-1 coaching with Fidelity advisors once your balance reaches $25,000.

Fidelity® Wealth Management

Through Fidelity® Wealth Services1

Planning & advice from a dedicated advisor
Customized planning and investment management, designed for your full financial picture, led by your dedicated advisor

Fidelity Private Wealth Management®

Through Fidelity® Wealth Services or Fidelity® Strategic Disciplines2

Planning & advice from an advisor-led team
Comprehensive planning, advice, and investment management, delivered by your own wealth management team and led by your advisor

Help navigating life's big moments

Life comes at you fast. Whether you're celebrating a big milestone or adjusting to an unexpected change, Fidelity can help you navigate all parts of these important moments, with our resources, guides, and tools.

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A focus on your individual needs

We provide no-fee, 1-on-1 reviews of all your investment accounts, including those not kept with us. Our financial professionals are backed by industry-leading research and analysis, with the skills to address all of your needs. Visit us in person—we have over 190 branch locations. Or you can contact us online or by phone 24/7.

If you prefer to trade and invest on your own, you'll have access to online planning tools and a wide variety of investments, including mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), stocks, and bonds.

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How are rising prices impacting your financial plan?

Read our insights on inflation, where it may be going next, and how it might be impacting investors like you.

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