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Popular tax topics to review for tax season

Tax Form LinksLog In Required See your available tax forms online.
Year-to-Date Tax InformationLog In Required Review your year-to-date tax information for your brokerage accounts.
Tax Statement Guides Learn about the tax forms we send and what’s reported on each form.
TurboTax® Take advantage of our offer to save up to $20 off TurboTax®—either the online or desktop version.
Direct Deposit Your Refund Find out how to deposit your tax refund into your Fidelity account(s).
Tax Topics for Investors Get the basics to understand some of the top areas of concern during tax season.

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Common account maintenance tasks

Address Update your mailing, legal, or seasonal address.
Authorized Access Grant others access to your accounts using these access levels: inquiry access, limited authority, full authority, and power of attorney.
Beneficiaries Name the beneficiaries who will receive your assets in the event of your death.
Delivery Preferences Choose to have your statements and other documents sent by email or U.S. Mail.
Email Update the email address associated with your accounts.
Password Reset, change, or create the password used to access your accounts.
Phone Number Update the phone numbers associated with your accounts.

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Common payments & transfers tasks

ATM/Debit Cards Request an ATM/debit card for your Fidelity accounts.
Bank Wire Transfer money in and out of your Fidelity accounts using bank wires.
BillPay Pay bills online from your Fidelity accounts.
Checkwriting and Checks Learn how to add checkwriting, make deposits, view paid checks, reorder checks and deposit slips, and more...
Deposit a Check Deposit a check via mobile phone, mail, or at a Fidelity branch.
Direct Deposit Have your paycheck, government check, or pension benefits direct deposited into your Fidelity accounts.
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Transfer between your Fidelity account and your bank account.

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Common brokerage & trading tasks

Active Trader Pro® (ATP) Apply for and/or download Fidelity's Active Trader Pro platform.
Cost Basis Change how your cost basis is tracked or update an individual security's cost basis.
Fixed Income Securities Learn about the various fixed income products we offer.
Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) Understand how to participate in and/or research IPOs.
Margin Set up margin to borrow against your holdings.
Options Apply for the ability to buy and/or sell options.1
Real-Time Quotes Sign up to receive fast and accurate quotes.

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