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Does term life insurance make sense for you?

Most of us think about life insurance at some point. Now, let's talk about term life insurance.

Term life insurance is designed to be simple, flexible, and affordable. You choose the years you want to be covered: 10, 15, or 20 (generally, your working years). You also choose the dollar amount. Then, you focus on living your life to the fullest, knowing that in the unlikely event you pass during those years, your loved ones' financial goals can still be met like mortgage and college expenses.

Think of it like a subscription service: You sign up to pay a regular fee during the years you want coverage, and in the unlikely event that you pass, your family will receive the amount you've chosen. You can focus on living your life to the fullest, worry-free.

Protection through the years

Your expenses change throughout your life and so will your coverage needs. Consider how much coverage and how long you will need it for with term life insurance.

Graph showing life insurance, assets, and expenses. Term life insurance peak coverage years are from 25 to 50.
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Consider your life insurance options

Term life may be for you if...
You need a way of providing for your family in the event of your passing during a specific time of life, like your income-earning years. Term life insurance is typically less expensive than permanent life insurance.

Term life may not be for you if...
You want coverage to last longer than 20 years or beyond retirement. If you'd like to protect your total assets and provide a legacy, then you should consider universal life insurance instead.

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Explore the benefits of life insurance

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