Term life insurance helps keep your promises

You're busy making plans for the future. But what if the future doesn't go as planned? See how affordable term life insurance can be.

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No one can ever replace you. Your income is another story.

Term life insurance could provide your loved ones with the financial protection they need to maintain their lifestyle if you were no longer there.

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Our policies range from $250,000 to $10 million—and our coverage options last 10, 15, or 20 years. Think about the protection you want for the time frame you need.

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Our quote tool is thoughtfully designed to help you determine how much coverage you need so you are not over- or underinsured—and estimate the cost of the protection that's right for you.

 Your beneficiaries receive 100% of your policy value

Your loved ones will receive all of the proceeds, income-tax free,1 quickly and efficiently. And of course, we'll be here to give your family the support they need during a very stressful time.

Term life insurance is for much more than funeral expenses

It could cover a mortgage. A family. A business. College tuition. Caring for a parent. Now's the time to plan ahead.

Graph showing how term life insurance needs change over time. The peak coverage years are from 35 to 50.

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Term insurance: What young families need to know

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Frequently asked questions

To help you quickly find the answers you need, we’ve curated responses for the questions we hear most often.

  • Is term life insurance right for me?
    Term life insurance covers individuals for a specific amount of time, for a predetermined dollar amount. This coverage serves as a safety net for a period of years and can provide financial security to those you love if something happens to you. Term life insurance is available to those 18 years and older, US citizens, and permanent residents of the United States.
  • How long should I have term life insurance for?
    Your expenses and financial responsibilities change throughout your life and so will your coverage needs. Fidelity offers term life insurance in 10-, 15-, or 20-year increments. Our quote tool can help assess your coverage needs and estimate the cost.
  • Can I change my coverage amount in the future?
    Yes, if you want to decrease your coverage amount, contact Fidelity at any time during the life of the policy. If you want to increase the coverage amount, a new application is required.
  • What happens at the end of my term or coverage period?
    Term life insurance covers you for a set period or term. If you buy a 10-year term policy, for example, you pay a fixed amount for that period of time and at the end of the 10-year term, you can terminate or lapse your policy. If you choose to extend your policy, your premium would increase significantly.
  • How much term life insurance should I consider?
    The amount of coverage you get should reflect how much money you'd like your beneficiaries to receive in the event something happens to you. You can start with your family's day-to-day needs—the entire amount of money it takes to run your household each month or by estimating how much your beneficiaries may need to pay off debts—loans, a mortgage, credit cards, etc. If you have a spouse/partner, it's also important to have coverage for both people, no matter how much each person earns. You might need to cover costs such as additional caretaking of children or time off to settle the estate. Our quote tool can help assess your coverage needs and estimate the cost.
  • How do I notify Fidelity of the death of my loved one who had a term life insurance policy?
    We're sorry for your loss and are here to help you. For policies issued prior to October 10, 2022, please call 888-343-8376 (select option #3), for policies issued on or after October 10, 2022, please call 844-519-5433.