Retirement and IRAs

With a Fidelity IRA, you can manage your investments yourself with no account fees or minimums1 or have us do it for you for an advisory fee.

I want potential growth (or earnings) to be tax-deferred

Traditional IRA

Great if you want to reduce your taxable income by deducting your contributions.2 You won't pay taxes until you withdraw money in retirement.3

I want potential growth (or earnings) to be tax-free

Roth IRA

Great if you want access to your contributions without taxes or penalties before retirement. And you won't pay taxes when you withdraw your money in retirement.4

I want control of my
former 401(k)s

Rollover IRA

Great if you like a centralized account for any former workplace 401(k)s or 403(b)s. If you already have a Fidelity IRA, get started moving your money.

Compare a Roth IRA and a traditional IRA

We can help you determine which IRA might be right for you.

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Already have a Fidelity IRA?

You can make one-time or recurring contributions to any of your IRAs (including your rollover IRA).

If you are managing your own investments, don't forget to regularly invest your contributions. It's how your money has the potential to grow over time.

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Small-business retirement plans

No matter the size or shape of your small business, there's an option that will help you save for the future.

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Roth IRA for Kids

Your child can start saving for retirement as soon as they have a job.

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