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Retirement and IRAs

Save for retirement with Fidelity's IRAs and get access to our broad range of investment options, exceptional service, and free investment guidance.

America's #1 IRA Provider1

Rollover IRA

Consolidate your retirement savings by rolling over an old workplace plan.

Roth IRA

Enjoy tax-free growth potential and withdrawals.2

Traditional IRA

Tax deferral means your savings can potentially grow faster.

Inherited IRA

If you’ve inherited retirement assets, you can generally keep the retirement account advantages.

Learn more about inheriting an IRA.

Small-Business Retirement Plans

Own a small business or self-employed? We have retirement savings solutions for you and your employees.

SEP IRA | SIMPLE IRA | Self-Employed 401(k) | Investment-Only Retirement Account | 401(k) Plan

Compare all small-business plans.

Thinking about consolidating your retirement accounts?

Retirement guidance

Learn about IRAs
New to IRAs? Need a refresher? Get the basics here.

Retirement planning
Choose your life stage and get suggestions for retirement planning.

Retirement calculators
Let these helpful tools do the math for your retirement savings and income planning.


Contribute to an IRA

If you already have a Fidelity IRA, you can add funds now or set up convenient automated transfers.

More information

Keep in mind, investing involves risk. The value of your investment will fluctuate over time and you may gain or lose money.
1. Cerulli Associates' The Cerulli Edge®—Retirement Edition, third-quarter, 2013, based on an industry survey of firms reporting total IRA assets administered for Q2 2013.
2. A distribution from a Roth IRA is tax-free and penalty-free, provided the five-year aging requirement has been satisfied and one of the following conditions is met: age 59½, disability, qualified first-time home purchase, or death.
Guidance provided by Fidelity is educational in nature, is not individualized and is not intended to serve as the primary or sole basis for your investment or tax-planning decisions.