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Commissions, Margin Rates, and Fees

Whether you trade stocks, options, bonds, or CDs, you'll receive competitive online commission rates—lower than Schwab, TD Ameritrade, and E*Trade.1

Full brokerage commission and fee schedule (PDF)

Download and print full details of our commissions and fees, including our low rates for online trades and our rates for automated telephone service (FAST®) or representative-assisted trades.


All online U.S. equity trades
Any number of shares or trades
$7.95 per trade


All online options trades

Buy to close orders of $0.65 to $0.11
Buy to close orders of $0.10 or less NEW
$7.95 per trade, plus
$0.75 per contract
$7.95 flat


Purchase 70 iShares® ETFs online $0
Purchase 11 Fidelity sector ETFs online $0
Purchase 3 Fidelity active fixed income ETFs $0
All other ETFs $7.95 per trade

Bonds and CDs

New Issues $02
Secondary Issues $1.00 per bond3
U.S. Treasury Auctions online $0
U.S. Treasury Auctions representative assisted Flat fee of $19.95

Mutual Funds*

Fidelity funds $0
No Transaction Fee (NTF) non-Fidelity funds: $0 on purchase. $49.95 on redemption if held less than 60 days
Transaction Fee non-Fidelity funds: $49.95 per purchase.** $0 on redemption

*Other concessions or commissions may apply if traded with a Fidelity representative.

**Certain funds will have a transaction fee of $75. To identify any applicable transaction fees associated with the purchase of a given fund, please refer to the "Fees and Distributions" tab on the individual fund page on Fidelity.com

The margin rate you pay depends on your outstanding margin balance—the higher your balance, the lower the margin rate you are charged.

Debit balance Margin rate Effective rate
$500,000+ Base – 2.825% 3.750%
$100,000–$499,999 Base 6.575%
$50,000–$99,999 Base + 0.50% 7.075%
$25,000–$49,999 Base + 1.00% 7.575%
$10,000–$24,999 Base + 1.50% 8.075%
$0–$9,999 Base + 2.00% 8.575%

Learn more about margin borrowing at Fidelity.

Note: All fees are per occurrence unless otherwise noted.

Account maintenance

Electronic statements $0
Monthly statements $0
Trade confirms $0
Replacement statement $0
Replacement confirm $0


Early IRA withdrawals $0
Roth IRA conversion $0
Recharacterizations $0
SIMPLE IRA annual fee $25
Account closeout fee
Note: Excludes SIMPLE IRAs.

Cash management services

Electronic funds tranfer (EFT) $0
Fidelity BillPay® $0
Check copies $0
Returned check $0
Stop payment $0
Check ordering
Note: Nominal fees may apply for specialty checks
HSA check ordering $10
Overnight check delivery $0
Cashier's check $10
Debit card annual fee $0
Fidelity® Cash Management Account ATM fee $0
Fidelity® Cash Management Account ATM bank surcharge Reimbursed
The Fidelity Account® ATM fee $0 for first 5 transactions per month
$1 per transaction thereafter*
The Fidelity Account® ATM bank surcharge Varies*
Bank wire $10 online
$15 through a representative
Foreign exchange wire Up to 3% of principal


Real-time quotes $0
Streaming quotes $0
Steaming Level II quotes $0
Streaming news $0
Transfer of assets $0
Mandatory corporate reorganization $0
Voluntary corporate reorganization $38
Depository Foreign Trust Company (DTC) foreign settlement fee
Note: Fee is per trade for foreign ordinary stock that is not DTC eligible.
Stock certificate transfer and ship $100 per certificate
Mutual fund annual low balance fee $12 per fund§
Foreign dividends and reorganizations 1% of principal
Limited partnership transfer fee $75
Margin liquidation $32.95
Reg T extension $0

* If you qualify for Premium, Private Client Group, or have household annual trading activity of 120 or more stock, bond, or options trades, Fidelity will not charge an ATM transaction fee and will reimburse itemized domestic fees charged when using the card at ATMs displaying the Visa®, Plus®, or Star® logos. Eligibility for these fee waivers and reimbursements is determined based on asset levels as of the end of each business day, and will be applied the following day. If your eligibility changes, your account may be charged the applicable fees without notice. Any reimbursements will be credited to your account the same day an ATM fee is debited from the account. In rare instances, ATM owners may not itemize fees, which may cause disruption of individual automatic rebates. Should this occur, please contact Fidelity. Note: There is a foreign transaction fee of 1% that is not waived or reimbursed, and will be included in the amount charged to your account.

† Waived for households with $250k or more in assets with Fidelity

‡ Waived for households with $1 million or more in assets with Fidelity, or $25,000 in assets with Fidelity and 120 trades per year

§ Waived for households with at least $25,000 in assets with Fidelity


More information

Free commission offer applies to online purchases of Fidelity ETFs and select iShares ETFs in a Fidelity brokerage account. Fidelity accounts may require minimum balances. The sale of ETFs is subject to an activity assessment fee (from $0.01 to $0.03 per $1,000 of principal). iShares ETFs and Fidelity ETFs are subject to a short-term trading fee by Fidelity if held less than 30 days.

$7.95 trading commission applies to online purchases of U.S. equities in a Fidelity brokerage account with a minimum opening balance of $2,500 for Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC retail clients. Sell orders are subject to an activity assessment fee (of between $0.01 to $0.03 per $1000 of principal) by Fidelity. Other conditions may apply. See Fidelity.com/commissions for details.
1. Commission comparison based upon published website commission schedules, as of 2/1/2013, for E*Trade, Schwab, and TD Ameritrade for online U.S. equity trades and less than 1500 trades per quarter. For E*Trade: $9.99 per trade for 0-149, $7.99 per trade for 150 to 1,499 and $6.99 per trade for 1,500 or more trades per quarter. For Schwab: $8.95 for up to 999,999 shares per trade, though orders of 10,000 or more shares or greater than $500,000 may be eligible for special pricing. For TD Ameritrade: $9.99 per market or limit order trade for an unlimited amount of shares.
2. Fidelity makes certain new issue products available without a separate transaction fee. Fidelity may receive compensation from issuers for participating in the offering as a selling group member and/or underwriter. For representative assisted treasury auction orders, a $19.95 transaction fee applies.
3. Minimum concessions of $19.95 if traded with a Fidelity representative. For U.S Treasury purchases traded with a Fidelity representative, a flat charge of $19.95 per trade applies. A $250 maximum applies to all trades and is reduced to a $50 maximum for bonds maturing in one year or less. Fixed income trading requires a Fidelity brokerage account with a minimum opening balance of $2,500. Rates are for U.S. Dollar denominated bonds, additional fees and minimums apply for non-Dollar bond trades. Other conditions may apply. See Fidelity.com/commissions for details. Please note that concessions may impact the total cost of the transaction and the total, or "effective," yield of your investment. The offering broker, which may be our affiliate National Financial Services LLC, may separately mark up or mark down the price of the security and may realize a trading profit or loss on the transaction.

ETFs are subject to market fluctuation and the risks of their underlying investments. ETFs are subject to management fees and other expenses. Unlike mutual funds, ETF shares are bought and sold at market price, which may be higher or lower than their NAV, and are not individually redeemed from the fund.

For iShares ETFs, Fidelity receives compensation from the ETF sponsor and/or its affiliates in connection with an exclusive long-term marketing program that includes promotion of iShares ETFs and inclusion of iShares funds in certain FBS platforms and investment programs. Additional information about the sources, amounts, and terms of compensation can be found in the ETF’s prospectus and related documents. Fidelity may add or waive commissions on ETFs without prior notice. BlackRock and iShares are registered trademarks of BlackRock Inc., and its affiliates.

Options trading entails significant risk and is not appropriate for all investors. Certain complex options strategies carry additional risk. Before trading options, please read Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options, and call 800-544-5115 to be approved for options trading. Supporting documentation for any claims, if applicable, will be furnished upon request.

There is an Options Regulatory Fee (of between $0.04 to $0.06 per contract) that applies to both option buy and sell transactions. Fee is subject to change.

Margin trading entails greater risk, including, but not limited to, risk of loss and incurrence of margin interest debt, and is not suitable for all investors. Please assess your financial circumstances and risk tolerance before trading on margin. Margin credit is extended by National Financial Services, Member NYSE, SIPC.

System availability and response times may be subject to market conditions.

Before investing, consider the funds' investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. Contact Fidelity for a prospectus or, if available, a summary prospectus containing this information.  Read it carefully.