Commitment to execution quality

We work hard to get you a better price for your equity, ETF, and options orders—every time you buy or sell. It's called price improvement, and we saved our investors over $816 million on trades in 2023.3 Along with transparent pricing, it's part of the industry-leading value you can expect from Fidelity.

Unmatched value with Fidelity's price improvement

Saves you money

Our price improvement1 can save investors $15.41 on average for a 1,000-share equity order.

Shows your savings

Easily see your savings for an individual order, as well as over multiple time periods, on our pricing summary.

Shares for industry comparison

We are the only firm to voluntarily report full price improvement savings using the Financial Information Forum (FIF) standards.

Review reports, including 605/606

How it works

Price improvement occurs when a trade is executed at a better price than the best quote market price or National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO).

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Rated #1 for Order Execution by in 2023.

Is your broker transparent on execution quality?

  Fidelity TD Ameritrade Schwab E*Trade
Saves investors $15.41 average per order for a 1,000-share equity order1 Yes ? ? ?
Shows what you save on a trade2 Yes No Yes No
Shares execution quality voluntarily on equities and ETFs using Financial Industry Forum (FIF) industry standards Yes No No No
Does not take payment for order flow from market makers for stock and ETF trades

? = Ask your broker.
Fidelity calculates $15.41 based on all market and marketable limit orders.1

See how the savings can add up

Average price improvement1

For a 1,000-share equity order

Bar chart showing average price improvement for a 1,000-share equity order, with Fidelity Investments at 12.66 vs. an industry average of 2.77.

Whether you trade a lot or a little, Fidelity's price improvement can help you save.

The proof is in the numbers

Price improvement
Percentage of shares that are price-improved:
How it's measured
Execution price
Percentage of shares that fall within the NBBO:
How it's measured
Execution speed
Average execution speed:
How it's measured
Effective spread
Average effective spread:
How it's measured
Source: Fidelity Q1 2024 statistics.

Applying high standards on every trade

Our Order Flow Management Team ensures that your order goes to the top-performing market centers, seeking the best execution price.

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