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Muni bonds with a twist

They may lack the appeal of typical municipal bonds, but the recent boom in taxable muni bonds may offer a way to diversify your portfolio—and reduce risks.

Buffer annuities: What to know

See how the upside potential is coupled with downside protection, but not in all markets.

Time to have a family money meeting?

See how one family learned to be more open when talking about money with their children.

Passion meets philanthropy

Learn how one woman's newfound midlife passion reshaped her charitable giving.

How do you care for others in stressful times?

Taking care of those around you begins with self-compassion and self-care.

Should you prepay your mortgage?

Paying off debt early doesn't make financial sense for everyone. Learn what you should consider before making a decision.

5 ways to help protect your retirement income

These rules of thumb can help keep your retirement on track.

Annuity vs. lump sum

Weigh the options between lump sum and annuity payments.

Tax-savvy withdrawals in retirement

Consider a simple strategy to help reduce taxes on retirement income.

Tax-Smart Investing: Separately managed accounts

See how a strategy based on your personal preferences might help save on taxes.

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Understanding asset protection strategies

Learn 3 strategies that can help safeguard wealth—and understand the trade-offs.

Taxes on Social Security – 2 ways to save

Discover how you can reduce your taxable income in retirement.

An introduction to qualified opportunity zones

Learn about a new way to cut taxes by investing in economically distressed areas.

Increase your tax savings on charitable giving

You can donate appreciated assets to charities and minimize capital gains tax.

Mapping your money to your family and wishes

See how a visual snapshot of money and relationships can help drive family harmony.

Putting the finishing touches on an estate plan

See a checklist of what you may need to do—plus ways a financial advisor can help.

Easing the stress of estate administration for you heirs

Consider the benefits of a letter of instruction to clarify your wishes.

Planning Perspectives

"For many people, life insurance can help manage risk, replace wealth lost to estate taxes, and be used as a non-correlated, tax-advantaged investment vehicle." - David Peterson, Head of Wealth Planning

View more in Life insurance: Know the basics and how it can help manage risk


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