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The financial realities of being a woman

4 out of 10 people—men and women alike—do not realize that women need to save more for retirement. Life expectancy, the pay gap, health care costs, and career interruptions due to caregiving are all contributing factors.

Financial impact of caregiving page


The hidden costs of caregiving

There is a financial impact to caring for others far beyond salary: retirement savings and potential growth, Social Security, health care costs, and more.

Paying for fertility treatments


Should you pay down debt or invest?

A simple rule of thumb to help you decide which to prioritize.

Spending guilt page


Thinking of quitting your job?

Be sure to tie up your loose financial ends before you make any big moves..

Map your money goals


The gender gap and retirement

7 risks to women's savings—and how to mitigate them.


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What happens when women invest?

According to Fidelity research, women often don't invest outside of their retirement plans. Yet when they do it, their returns are better.

Here’s how your money might grow if you invested $25,000 over 5 years in an average market—with a traditional savings account compared to different investing strategies.*

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