Fidelity Mobile® apps

Manage your money, investments, and benefits whenever—and wherever—you want.

Make investing moves on the go

Our award-winning1 app gives you mobile access to a broad range of investments, expert insights, and tools to help you make smart investing, saving, and financial planning decisions.

Here are just a few of the things you can do with the app:

  • Trade US stocks, commission-free with no account fees or minimums for brokerage accounts
  • Create savings goals and track your spending
  • Pay bills, deposit checks, or send money to family and friends

Available on Apple®, Android™, and Amazon devices.

A rewarding way to save and spend

Fidelity Bloom can help you reach your savings goals through built-in cash rewards and mindful money habits. We use psychology to help gently improve your saving and spending habits. No drastic lifestyle changes required.

  • Improve your money mindset. Challenges teach research-based concepts and skills that you can put into practice in real life.
  • Think differently about money. You'll open two brokerage accounts, Fidelity Bloom® Save and Fidelity Bloom® Spend. Research has shown you're more likely to save when your saving and spending are separated.
  • Put your money to work. Unlike other saving and spending solutions, Fidelity Bloom holds your uninvested cash in a money market mutual fund. Uninvested dollars in both your Save and Spend accounts have the potential to grow at a rate that has historically outperformed the national average for bank saving accounts.

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A free app2 that helps teens make, manage, and invest their own money​

The Fidelity Youth™ app gives teens ages 13–17 the power to make their own money moves—while giving parents visibility into their teen's account.​

With the app, your teen can:

  • Save and spend their way with a debit card3 and custom money buckets​
  • Start investing with as little as $1​
  • Get paid to learn and practice good money behavior

Available for both iOS and Android devices, the app isn’t just for teens—parents can also use it to review their teen’s account activity, send money, and more.

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Employee benefits always within reach

Quickly view and update all of your employer-provided benefits, which Fidelity provides record-keeping services for, including your retirement savings, stock plans, student debt, health savings account, and more.

With the NetBenefits app, you can:

  • Easily enroll and make decisions about your benefits, including investments and contributions.
  • Securely send us documents and rollover checks with your camera.
  • Improve your financial wellness with educational videos and articles.

netbenefits app screen
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Easily manage your health care benefit plans and expenses

We built the Fidelity Health app to minimize the time, cost, and hassle of managing your health care needs—all in a central location. Fidelity Health can help people who enroll in their employer-sponsored health benefits through Fidelity or have an employer-sponsored health savings account (HSA) with Fidelity manage their benefit plans and accounts.

Mobile safe—mobile secure

Mobile trading at Fidelity keeps your financial and personal information secure—guaranteed.

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