Financial basics

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The Fidelity perspective

  • Budgeting: Spend less than you earn and prepare for emergency costs, like a medical expense or car repair.
  • Managing debt: Eliminate high-interest debt, like credit cards or private student loans.
  • Saving: When saving for retirement, an early start can make all the difference. Make the most of your contributions through available employer match programs.

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Budgeting your money

Tips for better budgeting

You can keep track of your money and still have a life. Learn how to slice up your paycheck to make sure you’re spending in the right areas.

Create Your Budget

Need a place to start on creating a budget? This worksheet will walk you through the various monthly expenses you should consider to ensure you have a full picture of your expenses.

Play 5 Money Musts

Your friend Taylor recently graduated college and needs your help with finances. Help Taylor figure out the money stuff in the game so you can skip the mistakes in real life and start leveling up.


Paying down debt

How to pay off debt—and save too

Balancing paying off debt and saving can be tricky. Here's a step-by-step guide to getting out of debt for good.

Keep credit under control

These 7 credit card tips can help minimize your mistakes and maximize your benefits.

Explore new strategies for paying off your student loans

Our easy-to-use tool can help you assess and track your progress.

Struggling with credit card debt and need extra help?

Get a free credit counseling session and make a plan to get a handle on your debt with Money Management International.

Alternative ways to save for retirement

Learn about tax-advantaged ways to save for your retirement when a 401(k) or other workplace plan is not available.

Fidelity resources to help you save money

Save on ATM fees

A Fidelity® Cash Management Account is an alternative to a traditional bank checking account with all ATM fees reimbursed.1 Plus, no monthly account fees.

No 401(k)? Consider a Fidelity IRA

You don't need a 401(k) to begin saving the smart way. Fidelity IRAs allow you to build tax-advantaged savings for your retirement.

Teaching teens about money

An app and account for saving and investing

With the Fidelity Youth™ app teens can make, manage, and invest their own money. Plus, they'll get a free debit card2—with no account fees or minimums.3

Financial education content for beginners

Teens can learn how to spend, save, and invest responsibly with interactive lessons, videos, and more. And learning content just for parents can help guide important money conversations at home.​

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