Direct indexing

A simple way to invest in a specific slice of the stock market.

What is direct indexing?

Direct indexing is another way to invest in a collection of stocks. But unlike other ways to do this, like an index mutual fund or ETF, you own the stocks directly, allowing you to customize your collection and create the opportunity to save on taxes.

How it works

Start with your priorities

Decide what you want to invest in, choosing from a range of large US companies or themes like cloud computing or clean energy.

Make it yours

If there's a security you don't want to own, you can remove it. And you can adjust your preferences at any time, so the way you're invested reflects what's important to you.

Choose how you want to work with us

Whether you want to do it on your own or leave it to the pros, you’ve got options.

Direct indexing 3 ways

Fidelity Basket Portfolios

Built and managed by you, for you

A faster and easier way to build and manage your portfolio with baskets. Pick stocks and ETFs you want in your basket and manage it as one investment.

Fidelity Managed FidFolios℠

Tailored by you, managed by us

Choose a collection of stocks, then make it your own.1 Our pros will manage it while looking for ways to help reduce your taxes.2

Fidelity Wealth Management

Managed by us, with help from an advisor

Build a relationship with a dedicated advisor who can help you create a comprehensive financial plan,* supported by a customized portfolio of stocks.

How these options compare

  Fidelity Basket Portfolios Fidelity Managed FidFolios℠ Fidelity Wealth Management
Investment options Pick the stocks and ETFs you want or choose prebuilt models from Fidelity experts that you can customize. Choose from portfolios that seek investment results similar to major US and international indexes, including a sustainable option. With help from an advisor, choose from stock portfolios offered through Fidelity® Strategic Disciplines that track major US and international indexes.
Rebalancing Options for self-directed traditional or tax-efficient rebalancing. Automated professional management. Automated professional management.
Tax management2 Managed by you. Managed by us. Managed by us.
Minimums & fees Invest any amount with fractional shares; 30-day free trial, then pay a flat monthly fee. $5,000 minimum investment,3 with an advisory fee based on your account balance.4 $100,000 minimum investment, with an advisory fee based on your account balance.4,5

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Direct indexing in detail

Dive into this strategy to potentially customize your investment mix.

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