Fidelity® Managed Accounts

We work to make investing clear and straightforward, so you can feel more confident in your decisions. Then we take on the work for you and make adjustments as needed.

Managed account solutions designed to fit your life

Whether you're planning for retirement or looking to grow and preserve your wealth, we'll work with you to find the option that fits your needs and helps you stay on track to meet your goals.

Digital investing & advice

Digital managed accounts designed for investors looking for simple, professional money management solutions.

How we'll work together
Fidelity Go® offers a fully digital experience designed to help you pursue your financial goals. Once your balance reaches $25,000 you'll gain access to a team of dedicated Fidelity advisors.

How it works
Answer a few questions online, we'll suggest an investment strategy, and our investment professionals will manage your money according to your selected investment strategy, making adjustments as needed to help keep you on track.

General eligibility
Fidelity Go®: No minimum1
Once your balance reaches $25,000 you'll gain access to a team of dedicated Fidelity advisors.

Portfolio Advisory Services Account

Personalized investment management that provides investors with a professionally managed solution tailored to their unique goals and investment preferences.

How we'll work together
When you enroll in Fidelity® Wealth Services, you'll work with a financial advisor2 who can help you invest and plan for your full financial picture.

How it works
You have a range of preference options available, including mix of investments, a defensive approach, and the types of securities we use to build your account. Where appropriate, we'll also apply tax-smart investing techniques3 throughout the year to help you keep more of what your investments earn.

General eligibility2
$50,000 minimum investment.

Separately Managed Accounts

Fidelity® Strategic Disciplines and Fidelity Managed FidFoliosSM provide personalized, single asset-class portfolios of individual securities that are designed to meet specific objectives, such as dividend income or tax-free interest income.

How we'll work together
Choose from an option that provides access to an advisor to help guide you through the process or one that allows you to work on your own online.

How it works
A portfolio of stocks or bonds can be used to complement your overall investment strategy.

General eligibility
$5,000 minimum investment for digital access only, or $500,000 to work with a dedicated advisor.
Subject to individual product minimums2

Fidelity® Wealth Management

through Fidelity® Wealth Services

Customized planning and investment management, designed for your full financial picture, led by your dedicated advisor.

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