Personalized investment management

The Portfolio Advisory Services Account offers professional investment management designed to help you reach your goals, whether you're planning for retirement or looking to grow and protect your wealth.

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Investment management and analysis

A managed account built around you, your goals, and your preferences

Guidance to help you understand the impact of every decision we make together

Continual monitoring of your portfolio, with a focus on keeping your account aligned with your financial plan

Selecting an appropriate asset allocation strategy

We'll start by looking at your appetite for risk, your time horizon, and your overall financial situation. Then we'll suggest a diversified mix of investments that's appropriate for your long-term goals. As markets move and your goals change, we'll continually monitor the investments in your account, making adjustments as needed in an effort to ensure your account remains aligned with your strategy and your plan.

Here's a sample of the available options:

Potential asset allocation examples

Graphic shows an illustration of potential investment strategy options and how those options are allocated among stocks, bonds, and short-term investments. The graphic also shows the exposure to stocks in a strategy can influence potential risk and potential return. Generally, a higher the percentage of stocks in a portfolio translates into higher potential risk as well as higher potential return. Note that the strategies shown are for illustration purposes only and do not represent actual portfolios.

Your account: The relationship between risk and return

The sample investment portfolios shown here help illustrate the breadth of what we offer. Generally, while a more aggressive approach comes with greater risk, it also offers greater return potential. We'll help you choose the one that best fits the way you want to invest.

Investment approach

In managing your account, we seek to maximize returns for a given level of risk. As part of this effort, we pay close attention to the US business cycle and use our understanding of economic conditions to adjust the mix of investments in your account over time.

How the business cycle plays a role in our approach

Graphic shows a depiction of the business cycle that is used as a framework for our investment decisions. As the economic cycle goes through recovery, expansion, and contraction, it can be divided into four phases as follows: Early phase, with activity rebounding, which generally lasts about 1 year. Mid phase, with growth peaking, which generally lasts about 3 years. Late phase, with growth moderating, which generally lasts about 1.5 years. And Recession phase with activity falling, which generally lasts less than one year.

We believe there's a strong connection between the current place of the economy in the business cycle and various asset class returns. This is why we seek to understand where the US economy is in the business cycle, so that we can make adjustments to your investments as the economic environment changes, and emphasize investments that have historically performed well during each phase of the business cycle.

Defensive investment approach

We also offer an approach that emphasizes defensive investments, like conservative stocks and high-quality bonds, designed to help temper market swings and provide more stable investment returns over time.

  • See how defensive investing approach works

    A defensive approach can help you weather market downturns

    Line graph shows the hypothetical difference between our Total Return and Defensive approaches. During sustained market corrections, a defensive approach may experience losses that are less severe than a total return approach. However, during short-term market declines losses for the two approaches may be similar. During periods where equities are strong, gains in a defensive approach may be lower than in a total return approach, due to your account's defensive positioning.

    *In this scenario, your losses refers to the value of your portfolio. For illustrative purposes only. Not indicative of any investment.

    A diversified portfolio that emphasizes defensive investments can help temper down-market losses while still participating in up-market gains.

Investment selection

You'll be able to choose the universe from which the funds in your account are selected. In some cases, we may also be able to integrate individual securities into your account in an effort to provide additional tax benefits and to accommodate your customization preferences.


Where available and appropriate, we’ll prioritize investments managed by Fidelity.


The investment manager has the flexibility to choose from a wide range of either Fidelity or non- Fidelity funds.


Where available and appropriate, we’ll select index funds that are designed to track market indexes.

Tax-smart investing1

Tax-smart investing is more than tax-loss harvesting. We use as many as 6 different techniques throughout the year in an effort to boost after-tax returns and help you keep more of what your investments earn.

Learn more about tax-smart investing


The investment team

In addition to Fidelity's reach in virtually every corner of the investment world, we have over 100 investment professionals working specifically on client strategies, including researchers, analysts, portfolio strategists, and traders. With an average of 16 years of investment experience, our team offers deep expertise.

Meet the investment team

2 ways to access personalized investment management

Work with a phone-based team of advisors

Our team will work with you to help ensure that your investment strategy remains aligned with your goals, including annual reviews of your investments.

  • Minimum investment: $50,0002
  • Advisory fee: 1.10%3

Partner with a dedicated advisor

Your advisor will work with you on an ongoing basis as part of our Wealth Management offering, providing planning for your full financial picture and investment recommendations designed to help you reach your goals.

  • General eligibility: $500,0002
  • Advisory fee: 0.50%–1.50%3
    Varies based on total assets invested

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