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We believe everyone should have access to advice when it comes to planning and investing. Collaborate by phone with members of our advisory team1, who can help you create a plan, choose an investment strategy, and work with you to make sure it remains aligned with your goals.2

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We believe that building for your future shouldn’t be something you have to take on by yourself. Having a member of our advisory team available by phone to answer questions, provide guidance and advice, or help you navigate changes in your life can be critical to your success.

Every goal starts with a plan

The team at Fidelity can help you develop a roadmap designed to help you get where you’re trying to go, while balancing goals like retirement, education, or major purchases. And when the road twists and turns, they’re here to help you make adjustments to help you stay on track.

A strategy designed to fit you

After conversations around your goals and preferences, your team will recommend an investment strategy built for what you’re trying to achieve and then manage it for you. And when you have questions about the way you’re invested, or want to make sure it still makes sense for your goals, we’re available to walk you through it.

Tax-smart investing

Tax-smart investing is more than tax-loss harvesting. We use a number of different techniques3 throughout the year in an effort to boost after-tax returns and help you keep more of what your investments earn.

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Investing in you starts with a relationship with us

As part of your first conversation with a Fidelity advisor, here's some of what you’ll discuss.

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The reasons you’re investing and when you think you’ll need the money.

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The amount of risk you’re comfortable taking on.

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How any assets outside of this program may be managed.

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