Meet the Fidelity HSA®

With a health savings account (HSA), you can pay for qualified medical expenses in a tax-advantaged way, now through retirement.

How can an HSA benefit you?

Did you know?

HSAs are different from FSAs

HSAs are not "use-it-or-lose-it," and they generally cover a broader range of qualified medical expenses than FSAs.

Chart: HSAs vs. FSAs

HSAs are not always employer-offered

Although many employers offer HSAs during annual enrollment, you can open one with any HSA provider.3

Personal HSA flexibility

Who’s eligible?

You can open and contribute to an HSA if:

You're covered by an HSA-eligible health plan on the first of the month


You cannot be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return
You cannot be covered by Medicare or an ineligible health plan

Why a Fidelity HSA?

The Fidelity HSA is a brokerage account, not affiliated with your employer, that gives you flexibility with your money. An account with Fidelity offers:

  • Broad investing options
  • Holistic wealth and retirement planning
  • No account opening or transaction fees4

Ready to get started?

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