Fidelity Go®

An easy, affordable way to enjoy the benefits of professional money management.


A suggested investment strategy by answering a few simple questions


A mix of investments managed by the Fidelity Go team, who will monitor the markets and make adjustments to your strategy as needed


A website to track your progress, schedule deposits, review account activity, or review your holdings

Types of investments

A diversified mix of index mutual funds and exchange-traded funds


Investment strategy

We'll suggest an investment strategy based on your goals and preferences


Minimum investment



Annual advisory fee


(May be reduced by a variable fee credit*)

How Fidelity Go works

Discover how Fidelity Go makes investing easy and affordable. (1:12)

FAQs: Fidelity Go®

  • Who manages my money?

    The day‐to‐day investment and trading decisions in your Fidelity Go® account will be handled by Geode Capital Management, LLC, an unaffiliated investment advisor that was founded in 2001. Fidelity has partnered with Geode since 2003.

  • What kind of investments can I expect in my account?

    Your account may hold a combination of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), depending on the investment strategy you select. These funds generally hold domestic stocks, foreign stocks, bonds, or short-term investments.

  • How are the investments chosen for my account?

    In selecting mutual funds for Fidelity Go® accounts, Geode may look at multiple factors, including, but not limited to, investment philosophy (whether the funds are actively or passively managed), risk and return characteristics (how closely the security tracks an underlying index), assets under management, tax efficiency, and cost.

    In selecting ETFs, Geode, in addition to looking at all the factors described above, may also look at an ETF's liquidity, or how easy it is to trade.

  • Can I choose my own investments?

    You may not buy and sell individual investments in your Fidelity Go® account. By enrolling in a managed account service like Fidelity Go you turn the day-to-day management of your investments over to a team of investment professionals. However, you are entitled to place reasonable restrictions on the management of your account. Please contact an investment professional at 800-823-0125 for additional details.

  • Can I change my investment strategy?

    Yes, you can change your investment strategy at any time to any of the suitable options, based on info provided in your account profile. When you make changes to the information we have on file or provide additional information, we may suggest a different investment strategy for your account. To make these kinds of changes, log in to your Fidelity Go® account summary.

  • Can I add funds to my account?

    Yes, you can add funds at any time.

  • Can I withdraw funds from my account?

    Yes, there are several ways to access your funds, including scheduled withdrawals.

  • How much do I need to open an account?

    Fidelity Go® accounts must be funded initially with at least $5,000.

  • How much does it cost?

    We charge a gross annual advisory fee* of 0.35%, which works out to about $1.46 per month for every $5,000 in your account. This advisory fee may be reduced for your account via the application of a "variable fee credit," the amount of which will vary based on the investments held in your account. Our advisory fee does not include the expenses of the mutual funds and ETFs held in your account; these are the standard expenses paid by all shareholders of those funds. We try to focus on low-cost mutual funds and ETFs. We consider mutual funds and ETFs to be "low cost" when their net expense ratio is lower than the average net expense ratio of funds in the same fund asset class.