Fidelity® Wealth Management

A dedicated Fidelity advisor can work with you to help create a plan for your full financial picture, collaborating with you on changes as your needs evolve.

Knowing you have a plan focused on what's most important to you—that's The Planning EffectSM. And it starts with a conversation.

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A dedicated Fidelity advisor

Your advisor1 will get to know you and what's important to you. Together, you'll partner on a customized plan designed to help grow and protect your wealth.

Comprehensive planning

We can help you build a personalized plan around your full financial picture, covering topics like retirement, taxes, health care, and estate planning.

Personalized investment management

We can manage your portfolio to help grow and protect your wealth. This includes factoring in your preferences and feelings toward risk, with ongoing monitoring and rebalancing.

your-tax-situation_icon Tax-smart strategies

If you're concerned about the impact of taxes on your investments, we apply a range of tax-smart investment techniques2 to managed portfolios3 throughout the year designed to help you keep more of what you've earned.

How we can work together

Through one of our eligible advisory offerings

Fidelity® Wealth Management

Your Fidelity advisor will provide access to planning and ongoing investment management based on your financial picture.

General eligibility:
$250,000 managed through Fidelity® Wealth Services4

Gross advisory fee: 0.50%–1.50%5

Fidelity Private Wealth Management®

You'll have your own wealth management team, led by your Fidelity advisor, and comprehensive financial planning and investment management.

General eligibility:
$2 million managed through Fidelity® Wealth Services or Fidelity® Strategic Disciplines and $10 million or more in total investable assets6

Gross advisory fee: 0.20%–1.04%5, 7


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Fidelity - voted the most trusted wealth management company for 2020 icon

Fidelity was voted the most trusted wealth management company for 2020 by the readers of Investor's Business Daily.8

Fidelity Rewards+®—exclusive benefits for investors like you

As a thank you for clients who invest at least $250,000 in professionally managed assets,9 we're offering a wide range of benefits including:

Highest cash back rate for everyday purchases

Waived minimum investments on select lower-cost money market funds, giving you more choice for investing your cash

3 layers of advanced identity protection from IDnotify®, a part of Experian®

Invest more, get more. It's that simple.

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Specialized offerings

Separately managed accounts

We offer portfolios of individual securities consisting of a single asset class that can be personalized in pursuit of a specific investment objective.

Fixed income and bond investing

We can help you evaluate whether purchasing individual bonds might be a good fit for you—and could potentially save you up to $15 per bond.11

Fidelity Wealth Advisor Solutions®

Your Fidelity advisor can connect you with third-party investment advisors who offer specialized services like integrated tax planning and preparation, fully customizable investment solutions, and strategies for concentrated positions.

Trust services

We offer a range of trust solutions for inheritance and estate planning. We can act as trustee or co-trustee or, in some instances, serve as an agent for an individual trustee, providing clear communication and assistance with recordkeeping, disbursements, and tax returns.

It all starts with a conversation

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