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You and your dedicated Fidelity advisor can partner on a plan built around what matters most to you, finding the right balance of risk and reward.

It all starts with a conversation.

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Committed to your full financial picture

Your advisor1 can bring in professionals and trusted resources with a wide breadth of experience—including estate planning, fixed income investments, charitable giving, tax-smart strategies,2 and other specialties—based on your needs.

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When new opportunities and challenges present themselves, your dedicated advisor and team of specialists will be there for you, working with you to adjust your plan when necessary to help keep you on track.

Fees will vary based on the products and services you select; however, you'll be informed of the fees before you make a decision—all part of our commitment to being transparent. Keep in mind: It costs you nothing to sit down and have an initial conversation.

How we build your financial plan together

Get to know each other

Every great relationship starts with open, honest communication. We want to hear what makes you tick—the people and things you care about, your goals, and your financial journey to this point. Feel free to include your loved ones in our conversation. The better we know you, the more we can help you.

Identify your opportunities

Once we gather your information, we can use our advanced technology to analyze whether you're on track to meet your short- and long-term goals. We can also illustrate how a few adjustments here and there might improve your overall outlook.

Create your evolving plan

Finally, we'll work with you to turn our analysis into a plan for your full financial picture, including asset allocation, income diversification, and other factors critical to your success. And as your life changes, your team can help you adjust your plan so you feel more confident about the path forward.

See how a Fidelity advisor can help you build a plan for your full financial picture and work with you to choose a personalized investment strategy to bring your plans to life.

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"One of the most important aspects of wealth management is listening. If someone isn't listening, then how can they help you?"

Dylan Sanders, VP, Wealth Management Advisor

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