Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

Our robust lineup of low-cost active and passive ETFs, combined with Fidelity's investing expertise and research tools, can help strengthen your evolving investment strategy.

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Select from a range of commission-free ETFs for online purchase from Fidelity, iShares, and other industry leaders.


Choose from Fidelity’s active equity, factor, sector, stock, and fixed income ETFs and nearly every other ETF available in the US.


Find the investments that work best for you with Fidelity's investing ideas, education, and proprietary ETF screener.

Featured ETFs

Fidelity® Total Bond ETF (FBND)

Seeks a high level of current income, using the entire opportunity set of global fixed income securities to help add value in different market environments.

Learn more about FBND

iShares Core S&P Total US Stock Market ETF (ITOT)

Offers low-cost and convenient access to the total US stock market.

Learn more about ITOT*

Commission-free ETFs for online purchase

Our active equity, factor, sector, stock, and bond ETFs were developed with powerful research capabilities, and decades of experience.

Choose from commission-free ETFs available for online purchase from the world's leading ETF provider.1

Finding the right ETF for you

Whether you're looking for income, protection from market downturns, or something else, our investing ideas can help you decide which ETFs may fit your needs.

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Browse ETFs with our screener2

Our powerful screener lets you target and compare ETFs to generate ideas that closely match your investment goals.

  • Search by themes to identify investments that interest you
  • Customize your screens using nearly 100 unique ETF criteria
  • Find ETFs anywhere, anytime with your mobile device

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Learn about ETFs

ETFs can be a low-cost option that offers a variety of benefits, such as diversification, tax efficiency, and broad market exposure. Learn more with select articles and courses below, or view all ETF-related topics at our Learning Center.

Learn about different types of ETFs, how they work, and the pros and cons of investing with them.

Be sure to avoid these common mistakes investors make when buying ETFs.

Read about some of the advantages to trading ETFs vs. individual stocks.

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