Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

Research and choose from more than 1,900 ETFs, including factor, sector, and even socially responsible ETFs. Strengthen your low-cost investment strategy with access to 93 low-cost, commission-free ETFs available for purchase online from Fidelity and iShares®.


Buy 93 commission-free ETFs online from Fidelity and iShares®

Fidelity Factor ETFs
Choose from 8 commission-free funds designed to focus on specific investing goals.

Fidelity Sector ETFs
Choose from 11 commission-free funds that target specific segments of the economy and offer some of the industry's lowest expense ratios.1

Fidelity Bond ETFs
Choose from 3 actively managed commission-free ETFs online that use Fidelity's investment research, with the potential to outperform the index.

Fidelity ONEQ
Get exposure to the NASDAQ Composite Index (ONEQ), one of the broadest, most widely followed exchange indices.

iShares® ETFs
Choose from 70 commission-free funds online from the world's leading ETF provider.2

Get an edge with our ETF research and tools
The ETF Research Center makes it easier than ever to analyze and choose the ETFs that are right for you.

Improve your ETF knowledge
Fidelity's educational insights can help you pinpoint investments that work best for you.