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Sometimes, a trusted partner can help provide the clarity you need. As a Fidelity® Wealth Management client, you'll have access to an advisor who can help you plan, invest, and tackle important financial decisions as your life evolves.

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Advisory offering through Fidelity® Wealth Services

General eligibility:

$500,000 invested in eligible Fidelity account(s)1

Annual investment advisory fee:

0.50% – 1.50%2

How we'll work together

Our partnership will be built upon a foundation of planning, investment management, and a strong working relationship with your advisor.

To help manage your plan and keep you on track, your advisor can:

  • Proactively offer investing and planning advice
  • Connect you with specialists who can provide tailored guidance on topics like estate planning and insurance
  • Help you leverage our advanced planning tools

At least once a year, your advisor will initiate an in-depth review of your overall financial situation to:

  • Help you uncover opportunities
  • Make any necessary adjustments to your investment strategies, or ensure that details, such as your beneficiaries, remain up to date

Your advisor will develop a thorough understanding of where you are today and where you want to be in the future. We'll start by helping you:

  • Establish a clear view of your full financial picture
  • Define and prioritize your financial goals, objectives, and preferences
  • Help you understand your investment options
  • Set your plan in motion with the appropriate accounts and funding decisions

Regardless of your starting point, your advisor can help you manage multiple goals through personal financial planning.

  • Helping you provide for the people who matter most to you—children, parents, and grandchildren
  • Investing for growth and protection
  • Refining your retirement readiness approach and living in retirement
  • Managing and sharing your assets

Your advisor can work with you to assess your investment options, helping you choose those that are most appropriate for your priorities and tolerance for risk. We can provide:

  • A holistic approach to allocating your assets, including all money managed by Fidelity and other firms
  • Advice on assigning your assets across accounts with different tax treatments, to help maximize long-term growth
  • Ongoing tax-sensitive investment management3 designed to help you keep more of your investment gains

Advisor spotlight

"My primary responsibility is to understand each individual's wishes, what motivates them, and who is important to them. These components are the foundation for helping advise clients and their families to make better-informed decisions for their financial lives."

Tom Boardman, Wealth Planner

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