Health savings accounts for small businesses and their employees

Easy to offer. Easy to afford. Tax benefits for everyone.

Why a Fidelity HSA® makes sense for small businesses

Qualifying is simple

Any small business with an HSA-eligible health plan can offer a Fidelity HSA®.

Eligible health plans (PDF)

No fees for employers1

A self-directed Fidelity HSA® costs employers $0, and employees pay $0 for account fees and administrative services.

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Businesses save on taxes

Employers save 7.65% in FICA taxes on any payroll contributions2 an employee makes to a Fidelity HSA®.

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The award-winning3 Fidelity HSA® also offers these advantages

For employers

It can help a small business attract top talent and stay competitive with larger firms by connecting employees to important benefits.

For employees

It lets them save and invest for future health care expenses. Plus, any money in an HSA carries over to the next year. This makes it a great way to prepare for retirement.

It’s easy to get started

1. Educate employees on the benefits of opening a Fidelity HSA.
Share the advantages of saving with an HSA (PDF)

2. See how to set up payroll contributions for employees in a Fidelity HSA.

3. Show employees how easy it is to contribute and invest in a Fidelity HSA.
Employees can choose to transfer an HSA to Fidelity

The Fidelity HSA®

These third-party accolades of Fidelity as an HSA provider were for the Fidelity HSA® only.

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