The Fidelity HSA® for brokers and consultants

Leveraging decades of investing experience to provide an exceptional HSA for your clients’ employees

The Fidelity advantage


2-factor authentication, strong encryption, firewalls, secure email, and proactive 24/7 system surveillance


Zero account transaction fees,1 zero separate account fees to invest,2 and no minimum investment3


Data-driven analysis of millions of accountholders to guide best practices for employers and employees

Comprehensive support for employees

personalized communications

Personalized communications

Responsive messaging to help customers take the next best steps to save and pay for qualified medical bills

account help tools

Account help tools

Interactive guides to set cash goals for short-term qualified medical costs and to choose investments for long-term growth


Broad investing options

A curated list of mutual funds, an extensive brokerage platform, and the innovative Fidelity Health Savings Funds, the first mutual funds designed specifically for HSA investing


Effective partnership with employers

  • Data-driven reporting to help your clients increase their employees’ engagement with their HSA
    • 72% higher HSA balances than the industry average4

  • Client and customer support guided by Fidelity’s commitment to exceptional service
    • Net promoter score of 73 for employer client satisfaction5

Integrated retirement and health savings accounts

Fidelity’s ability to offer both retirement and health savings accounts gives your clients a single online platform and a single customer service team to support and provide recordkeeping services for both accounts in one place, providing a cohesive solution for both employers and employees.

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