Save for health care expenses

It's simple to contribute to your HSA to cover qualified medical expenses in the near term and in retirement.

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How can you put money into your HSA?

There's no minimum to open a Fidelity HSA, and your contributions are tax-deductible. This gives you more saving power to cover your family's qualified medical expenses. There are several ways to contribute to your Fidelity HSA:

Contribute cash

Link a bank account for one-time or recurring deposits, transfer funds from another Fidelity account, or deposit a check.

HSA deposit options

Transfer HSAs

Transfer some or all of your balance from another HSA or HSAs, as often as you like, to consolidate your accounts.

HSA consolidation

One-time IRA contribution

Move money from your IRA to your HSA once in your lifetime for a federal income tax deduction.

IRA contribution

Annual HSA contribution limits

How much can you save each year?

2022 2023
Individual health plan $3,650 $3,850
Family health plan $7,300 $7,750
Age 55 or older Additional $1,000 Additional $1,000

Please note: Any employer contributions will count toward these limits.

HSA owners can make catch-up contributions anytime during the year in which they turn 55. A spouse who is 55 or older is also eligible for a catch-up contribution into their own HSA.

See IRS Publication 969 (PDF) for more on annual HSA contribution limits.

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