Start tackling your debt with a free credit counseling session

If getting out from under debt feels like a no-win situation, you're not alone. The first step may be as simple as talking to someone about your options. Maybe you just need a new approach. One option to consider is Money Management International (MMI), a nonprofit organization that helps people like you repay debt, balance their budget, and find financial peace of mind.

MMI offers free one-on-one credit counseling plus a personalized plan of action with next steps to help you take control of your finances. One outcome of your action plan may be a debt management plan.

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Let MMI help you pay down your debt easier

With MMI's support, consumers have saved an average of about $12,000 in interest during the course of repayment with a debt management plan.1 Services and benefits include:

  • Free credit counseling sessions: Expert analysis and advice for your personal financial situation if you’re struggling with credit card debt or managing your spending.
  • Personalized action plan: MMI works with you to create a plan designed to fit your budget and situation.
  • A simplified plan to pay off debt: If needed, as part of your action plan, MMI can create a debt management plan for you that lets you make one consolidated payment each month with reduced interest rates so you can pay off your debt sooner.
  • Special discount for Fidelity customers: If you decide you need a debt management plan, Fidelity customers get 60% off the setup costs—which can be as low as $30 for initial costs.

Confidential and empathetic counseling

MMI believes in providing empathetic and confidential counseling expertise. No matter what challenges you're facing, MMI can help. Getting started with a free counseling session is easy.

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