Introducing the Fidelity® Youth Account

The account where teens 13 to 17 can learn to spend, save, and invest. Your teen will get a free debit card—with no account fees or minimums.1

Parent/guardian must have or open an account. For new Fidelity customers, opening an account is easy, with no minimums and no account fees.
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A first of its kind


A brokerage account owned by teens 13 to 17 that's built to start their investing journey. They can trade most US stocks, ETFs, and Fidelity mutual funds in their own accounts.


No subscription fees, no account fees, no minimum balances, no domestic ATM fees.2


Dedicated Youth Learning Center with materials developed specifically to help teens develop good financial habits.

How it works

Ongoing parental oversight

  • Parents/guardians who currently have a Fidelity account can open this account with their 13 to 17 year old. At age 18, your teen's account will be transitioned to a retail brokerage account for free.
  • Parents are responsible for their teen's activity and can monitor account activity online, and through monthly statements, trade confirmations, and by viewing debit card transactions.
  • You can also set up alerts to notify you of trades, transactions, and cash management activity.

Youth Account features


Teens can make purchases and cash withdrawals with their free debit card, or using a payment app like PayPal or Venmo. And, you can view their transactions when you need to.


They can manage their cash and access it whenever they need to—without paying account fees or worrying about minimums.


They can buy most US stocks, ETFs, and Fidelity mutual funds. And with fractional shares, they can learn to invest starting with as little as $1.


Youth Learning Center

A lifetime of smart money decisions starts with education. So, we’ve created a library of jargon-free 101-level educational content to help teens understand complicated financial concepts. Your teen can find the Youth Learning Center in their app, or you can visit our Teens and Money page.

Talking to your kids about money

It's not always easy to talk about money—even with family. So we've created a series of articles that can help facilitate money conversations with kids.

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How it works

  1. Open a Youth Account
    Work with your teen to answer a few simple questions, provide an image of their Social Security card, plus one additional form of ID and you're on your way.

  2. Download the app
    Once your teen's application and documentation have been reviewed and verified, your teen will receive a notification with instructions to activate their account and download the Fidelity® Mobile App to log in.

  3. Fund it
    The account can easily be funded through your Fidelity account, mobile check deposit, bank transfer, payment app, and more.

Parent/guardian must have or open an account. For new Fidelity customers, opening an account is easy, with no minimums and no account fees.
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