Set a shopping stopwatch

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Adding to cart too much? Try setting a time limit on shopping or social media apps. Go to your smartphone’s screen time or digital wellbeing settings, select an app, and set a daily cap. While you’re at it, try these other hacks to spend more mindfully.


Will home prices keep going up?

Not forever. They’re already coming down.

Last month, the median price of a home was lower than it was in February 2022, the first year-over-year drop in more than a decade.1

At the same time, home sales ticked up last month as homebuyers saw some relief from late 2022’s sky-high mortgage rates. Speaking of rates, it’s not clear which way they’ll go next. They’re influenced more by the 10-year Treasury yield than the short-term federal funds rate—which the Federal Reserve bumped up by 0.25 percentage point last week.2 One thing’s for sure: Home inventory is still at historic lows, keeping competition fierce. Wondering whether you should buy a home or keep renting? Here are 5 key questions to ask yourself.