Put your rewards to work

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Some credit card companies might offer the ability to convert your rewards points to cash and then transfer the money into a retirement account, health savings account, or 529 college savings plan. You might even get an extra bonus if you invest your rewards. Check your credit card terms for more info.

Saving tips

The smartest ways to stash more cash.

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Rebalancing your portfolio

Like hitting the edit button on your investments. Rebalancing is when you update how much of your money is in each of your assets—such as stocks, bonds, and short-term investments—without changing the total amount in your accounts.

It's smart to do this regularly. That's because different assets tend to perform differently depending on what’s going on in the market. For example, in a hot market, you may end up over-invested in stocks. Then you may want to right-size your portfolio to better protect your money for a more volatile market—such as a bear market—when stock values may be down.

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