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4-week virtual classroom courses to maximize your trading abilities.

The Trading Strategy Desk® at Fidelity is here to assist investors with developing and implementing more informative trading strategies. By leveraging Fidelity’s tools, they provide education on fundamental stock research, technical trading, position & risk management, and advanced options strategies.

As a valued Fidelity client, we would like to invite you to join Fidelity’s Trading Strategy Desk® for one of our upcoming virtual training sessions. These are exclusive invitation only events and have limited availability. Our interactive sessions focus on a wide range of trading related topics and allow investors to ask questions and discuss their trading experiences with members of the Trading Strategy Desk® during a guided discussion.

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Active Trader Pro® This class will cover key concepts and practical application of the program including: initial set-up, placing trades, charting, and options analysis.
Options This class will cover key concepts and practical application, including: what options are, common options strategies, and how to apply those strategies in your portfolio.
Technical Analysis This class will cover key concepts and practical application, including: what technical analysis is, what tools a technical analyst uses, and how to incorporate technical analysis into your decision-making process.
Trading Basics This class will cover the key components of creating and managing a trading plan, including: research and analysis, placing trades, and planning an exit strategy.

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