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Active Trader Pro®

Find and execute opportunities quicker—that's the power of our customizable, advanced desktop trading platform.1

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Test before you invest. Our strategy testing on and Wealth-Lab Pro® uses historical market data to help you plot your next move wisely.

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Just rated 2017 Best Online Broker by Barron's2 and rated Best Online Broker in 2017 by Investor’s Business Daily,3 plus the only firm rated #1 in 2016 by Kiplinger's,4Barron's, Investor’s Business Daily, and

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Enjoy two elite levels of service based on the amount you trade.

Active Trader Services

Exclusive tools and services for traders with 120+ trades per year.

Active Trader VIP

Our highest level of service for high net worth traders with 500+ trades per year.

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Find advanced seminars in your area and learn about upcoming trader events.

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