Planning for retirement

It all starts with seeing what's possible. We can help you bring your goals into focus and create a clear plan with actionable steps that leaves you feeling good. That's The Planning Effect, from Fidelity.

How to start planning

Create your vision for retirement

We'll help you think about where you want to be, which you can use to define your goals and your path forward.

Open an account

We can help you choose an account that meets your needs, then suggest an investment strategy designed to help you reach your goal.

Build your plan

You can build a free plan1 on your own and track your progress using our digital tools, or work with a financial professional who can help you build a plan.

How we can help you plan for retirement

Whether you want to handle the planning and investing on your own or get help from us, we can help bring the retirement you've envisioned closer to reality. Start your planning journey by choosing an account type.

I'll handle this on my own

Select an IRA that's right for you, then use our digital planning tools to help you choose the investment options that best meet your needs.

I'd like help from Fidelity

Whether you want to work with a dedicated advisor2 to help you with planning and investing or just need occasional 1:1 coaching, we offer a range of options.

Why plan for retirement with Fidelity

No account fees or minimums

There are no account fees3 or minimums to open a retail IRA with us. Plus you have access to digital tools to help you plan.

Client focused

Being a privately owned company for 75 years has allowed us to be more client focused when helping people plan and save for retirement.

You have options

Whether you're a self-directed investor, need occasional 1:1 coaching, or want to hand all the planning and investing off to a team of professionals, we can help.

Resources to help you build your retirement plan

Build a free plan around what matters to you

Once you open an account, you can use our digital planning tools to set goals, build a plan, track your progress, and get actionable next steps. And if you want to make changes you can do that at any time, with no obligations.

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Learn more about what you get with a plan

Get a snapshot of where you stand

If you're not a customer yet, we can help you plan for retirement. Just answer 6 questions, and we'll provide an estimate of where you stand for retirement in just 60 seconds, as well as some next steps to consider.

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How much do I need to retire?

Fidelity's guideline: Save 10x your income by age 67.


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