Retirement income planning

From saving for your future years to living each one to the fullest.

Feel more prepared to manage your life's savings

We'll look at how much you have

What you have saved for retirement, and how much predictable income you'll get from Social Security, pensions, or annuities.1 Read 3 keys to an income plan

... and give your money the chance to grow

We offer many ways to help generate income in retirement. Explore investment options

... how much you'll need

We'll look at your essentials like health care, housing, and food, and build a buffer for expenses like travel and hobbies.
See how much you'll need to spend

all while being smart about taxes

Choosing which account to withdraw from first can be complicated, but a few tax-smart strategies can help you avoid surprises. Read tax-savvy withdrawals

Key milestones

You're in control of your retirement, but here are some important ages to note.


Social Security

The earliest you can claim Social Security, but you can earn more the longer you wait.

Explore when to claim


The age most people can enroll in Medicare for health care in retirement.

Consider your options

Required minimum distributions (RMDs)

When to start withdrawing from your traditional IRAs, or pay a penalty.

View the rules and deadlines

Build your income plan

A plan in retirement can often create peace of mind during uncertain times.
Flexible planning. Tax-smart strategies. No unnecessary fees.2

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Don't know where to start when it comes to retirement?
Explore our guide for decisions like where to live, how to shift strategy, preparing for health care, and more.
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Retirement resources

Consider guaranteed income1

Estimate the income you could receive from a fixed income annuity.

Explore annuities

Estimate your retirement income

See how much you could have every month—and the potential impact to your cash flow.

Estimate your income

Discover the phases of retirement

Learn about the life event we call retirement and how you can prepare for every phase.

Learn about retirement

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