Withdrawing from an IRA

Your IRA savings is always yours when you need it—whether for retirement or emergency funds. Before you withdraw, we'll help you understand below how your age and other factors impact the way the IRS treats your withdrawal.

Are you under age 59 ½ and want to take an IRA withdrawal?

Yes, you can withdraw money early for unexpected needs. But you need to know what to expect from the IRS.

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Are you over age 59 ½ and want to withdraw?

Good news: You're now old enough to enjoy penalty-free withdrawals from any kind of IRA. But it's still critical to know how your withdrawal may be taxed.

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Are you age 73* or older and looking to take a required minimum distribution (RMD)?

You've reached that magic age when the IRS requires you to take annual IRA withdrawals. See the rules and how missing an RMD can bring stiff penalties.

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Did you inherit an IRA that you're looking to withdraw from?

Inheriting savings from a loved can bring financial benefits-along with IRS requirements for withdrawing the money.

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