Social Security

Your Social Security benefit can be an important part of your income during retirement. We can help you maximize your benefit and understand how it fits it into your retirement plan.


Estimate your Social Security benefit

Our Social Security benefits calculator can help you see how much you may receive both monthly and over your lifetime. Keep in mind that several factors can impact your estimated benefit amount:

  • Your earnings
  • Age you claim
  • Your marital status

Compare estimated monthly and lifetime benefits at different claiming ages, and see how other factors may affect your benefits amount.

Answer 5 simple questions to estimate your benefits


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Learn more about Social Security


The rules around Social Security can vary from very simple to fairly complicated. Our special coverage in Fidelity Viewpoints® includes topics such as working while retired, taxes, and more.


Social Security Q&A
In our special video series, a Fidelity professional answers some of the most commonly asked customer questions about Social Security.

Include Social Security in your retirement plan

Your Social Security benefit is just one part of a well-balanced plan for retirement. In order to cover all of your expenses and needs, look at how your estimated benefit fits into the bigger picture.

Use our retirement planning tool in the Planning & Guidance Center to see if you are on track.


Additional resources

Social Security Administration
The federal government provides the complete guidelines for Social Security and allows you to get personalized benefit information.

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Use smart investing and withdrawal strategies to help make sure your money lasts through retirement. Learn about different ways to generate income during retirement.

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