Life Events

Those big moments in life? That's when you may need our guidance the most.

Lifestyle changes


Changing jobs

Switching jobs or starting a business brings big decisions—from benefits to workplace savings. Our checklist and articles can help you start right.

Buying a home

Your life's biggest purchase may be your home. Make sure you ask yourself these three questions as a potential homeowner.

Family milestones


Getting married

Suddenly you're planning for two... and maybe more. Our checklist and articles can help you find and maintain financial bliss before and after the wedding.

Having a child

Kids. Bundles of joy along with a hefty financial responsibility! Saving for college is likely the second largest amount of money you will need to accumulate. Start early, start now.

Saving for college

Whether that first day of class is 18 years away or right now, college costs can be scary. Get tips to help you save for and manage costs intelligently, including 529 savings plan options.

Life transitions



Your exciting new journey is finally starting. Our checklist and articles can help make sure you're plotting the right course, including ways to make your money last.

Planning your estate

You want to transfer the wealth you've earned to loved ones—not the IRS. Use our estate planning tool and services to help maximize your legacy.

Needing long term care

Someday you or a loved one may be unable to perform everyday tasks on your own. Learn what long term care is, why it matters, and different coverage options.


Divorce is stressful, both emotionally and financially. Learn what you need to know to prepare.

Inheriting money

From a sudden windfall to a modest sum, any inheritance can be life-changing. Here's how to manage the settlement process efficiently and use the money wisely.

Losing a loved one

Surviving a loss can be a painful time, one that may also require you to attend to financial issues. Our guidance and checklist can help you make level-headed decisions for all involved.

Take the 5-minute financial checkup

We all have money goals. Answer just nine questions and we'll help you prioritize your financial to-dos—including smart moves to consider for your next dollar.

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