Inflation and you

Inflation has been reaching levels not seen in a generation. Find out whether it's likely to last—and what you can do to protect your money and your lifestyle.

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Inflation outlook

Although inflation may slow in the months ahead, it’s likely to stay above pre-pandemic levels for some time due to supply chain disruptions and high energy prices. The key question now: Can the Fed slow inflation without tipping the US economy into recession?

Inflation-proof your future

Rising prices erode your purchasing power. Here are some savvy budgeting, saving, and investing strategies to help protect your money and your lifestyle, whether you're retired, nearing retirement, or still working.

Investing for growth

One way to inflation-proof your portfolio is to invest in companies that can grow their earnings faster than inflation. Opportunities to consider include producers of energy, precious metals, and other commodities, plus real estate and more.

Investing for income

A silver lining to rising interest rates is rising yields on bonds. You can also build inflation protection into your portfolio with Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS), leveraged loans, and dividend-paying stocks.

Inflation hacks

Whether you are buying a house, gassing up your car, planning a trip, or getting married, we have practical tips to cut costs even as prices rise.

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