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Special report: Women and money

How to tackle investing, money and family matters, and retirement.

Women generally earn lower salaries and live longer than men. They are also more likely to take time off from the workforce. All of these things can dramatically impact their savings—especially when it comes to retirement. On top of that, as many as 9 out of 10 women will be solely responsible for their finances at some point in their lives, according to the National Center for Women and Retirement Research.

That said, here are ways for women to tackle investing, money and family matters, and retirement.

What women are doing right
They save more, take on less risk, and focus on the long term, even in turbulent times.

How to help weather good and bad markets
Diversification has proven valuable in good and bad markets. See how it may work for you.

One way to help improve returns
Reducing expenses may be among the easiest ways to improve your investment performance.
Tax-smart investing tips
Help minimize taxes by carefully choosing accounts, deductions, and how you earn income.

Time for a review
An up-to-date financial plan can help you be prepared for whatever happens in the markets.

Lessons from the financial crisis
The 2008 crisis led many investors to make positive changes to their finances. See how.
1. National Center for Women and Retirement Research.
Keep in mind that investing involves risk. The value of your investment will fluctuate over time and you may gain or lose money.
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