What you need to know for your best financial future

Understand what's different for women, why it's important, and how to make informed decisions. Together, we'll talk money.

Women Talk Money: Conversations with Fidelity & Friends

Join us for our live Q&A sessions every Wednesday at 12 noon ET. Upcoming topics include:

  • Oct 7 - Choosing and working with a financial professional
  • Oct 14 - The first 5 things to know about your money
  • Oct 21 - The hidden costs of caregiving with Eve Rodsky of Fair Play
  • Oct 28 - What to know about investing during changing times

Each week, we'll dig deeper into the cost of being a woman, including topics such as caregiving during a pandemic, maximizing your workplace benefits, and healthy decision-making habits. More to come!

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Learn how women are conquering financial stress


Women Talk Money video series

In these thought-provoking, 10-minute videos, we dive into how longevity, caregiving, and the investing gap intersect with your money—including actionable checklists for your next best step.


Demand more from your money

There can often be a correlation between financial stress and physical and mental stress. Feeling good about your money and financial future is important for your overall health.

Keep the conversation going 

Each month, we'll explore topics and stories about women and money. We'll also answer your financial questions and show you how to put your money to work to help you reach your goals today and tomorrow.

  • Be inspired by stories of women who have demanded more from their money and have taken action.
  • Learn about a broad range of topics, from everyday saving to different types of investing.
  • See how you can plan for what's next by connecting with the financial professional that's right for your needs.
  • Access the latest live events, workshops, and tips on how to navigate money decisions.

You don't have to know all the answers—we're here to help

  • Get a financial checkup or a second set of eyes on your finances.
  • Talk about your goals or plan for something in the future.
  • Ask questions about your investments (or anything else!).

Call 24/7, it's complimentary


Meeting with Fidelity: Questions Answered (2:19)

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