Social Security tips for singles

Social Security for singles

Consider these strategies to get the most of your benefits if you’re widowed, divorced, or have never married.

Create future income

Want to secure guaranteed* income for the rest of your life? Find out about the pros and cons of deferred annuities.

How can I make my savings last?

Limit withdrawals to no more than 4% to 5% in the first year of retirement and adjust for inflation annually.

Smart IRA withdrawal strategies

Answer four questions to help you use minimum required distributions from retirement accounts effectively.

Saving for Retirement

Reasons to contribute to an IRA

Here are some reasons to make a contribution now, get some tax benefits, and save for your future.

401(k) dos and don’ts

When you're in a financial bind, a 401(k) hardship withdrawal may be an option. But first consider the alternatives.

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Getting Ready to Retire

Undo a Roth conversion

There may be good reasons to reverse a Roth IRA conversion including helping to reduce your taxes.

Retiring retirement?

As we live longer, retirement is changing and may mean a longer and more flexible working life, says an aging expert.

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Living in Retirement

Women and Social Security

Whether they’re married or single, women need to ensure that they get the most from Social Security.

Manage your taxes in retirement

Withdrawals from traditional 401(k)s and IRAs are taxable, so it pays to manage your tax bracket in retirement.

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