Market Insights

Bond check-in: sell-off

Behind the bond market sell-off

Mixed economic data and shifts in central bank policy are challenges, but opportunities are still out there.

A mixed backdrop for markets

The market backdrop isn’t bad, but volatility may pick up as we move deeper into the business cycle, says our expert.

Key takeaways for Q4 2016

The global economy continued to hold up, and stock markets bounced back, but interest rate concerns remain.

Why interest rates matter

Recent market declines show the importance of interest rates in a slow-growth world, says Jurrien Timmer.

Markets and Economy

Markets: EM turnaround

The near-term prospects for emerging markets growth are favorable and that’s good for global stabilization.

Markets: taper tantrums

Why long-term investors may want to consider using a market pullback to rebalance their portfolios.

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Business Cycle Update

Emerging markets upturn

The near-term prospects of emerging markets are favorable and that’s good for global stabilization.

August business cycle update

Modest global growth and inflation surprises may dampen Treasury and high-dividend-paying stock rally.

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