Market Insights

Taking stock of the market's mood

The market’s mood

International stocks continue to outperform; U.S. stocks may be choppy and more subdued going forward.

Fed: What’s next?

A confident Fed may use its balance sheet to influence rates soon.

May market outlook

Earnings growth continues, but gap narrows between growth in the U.S. and world.

U.S earnings outlook

Corporate profit growth is providing a solid backdrop for stocks, but some challenges are down the road.

Markets and Economy

Markets weigh politics

The elections in France and a deadline in Washington could move the markets.

Q2 market review

Returns were solid for major investment categories, volatility low.

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Business Cycle Update

Can the U.S. grow at 4%?

Cyclical and demographic constraints make a sustained jump to much higher growth unlikely.

Key themes for the U.S.

Healthy labor markets and consumer spending bode well, but later-cycle dynamics pose constraints.

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