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Bull market purgatory

Bull market purgatory

The stock market has been stuck in a sideways range. Our expert explains why, and what may move the needle.

End of the bond rally?

Comments from the Fed have caused investors to reconsider their expectations for rate hikes.

May business cycle update

The U.S. household sector remains in solid shape, and U.S. recession odds remain low, say our experts.

Key indicators to watch

Oil prices, the dollar, Fed moves, and earnings may offer clues to the market's next move, says Fidelity’s Jurrien Timmer.

The Markets and Economy

Viewpoints 5: market themes

Housing-related investments, telecom, technology, and gold may present investing opportunities.

Quarterly market update: Q2 2016

After a rocky start to the year, a stabilizing global economy should help support stocks, say our experts.

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Business Cycle Update

Markets: Recession risks low

Late-cycle indicators have risen recently, but the likelihood of a recession in the U.S. remains low.

Market upheaval: China is key

Although China's capital outflows and currency present major risks, a U.S. recession in 2016 remains unlikely.

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