Market Insights

Q2 review: Shifting leadership but solid returns

Q2 market review

Returns were solid for major investment categories, volatility low.

Key takeaways for Q2

Tech stocks, a global rally, and lower-quality bonds drove gains.

Washington watch

Find out what the latest shifting dynamics in D.C. may mean for markets.

Inflation risks may rise

If long-term inflation moves higher, it could surprise the markets.

Markets and Economy

Market check-in

U.S. stock gains could slow if the economy reaches a momentum peak.

Think globally

If you’ve invested mainly in the U.S., consider diversifying internationally.

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Business Cycle Update

Can the U.S. grow at 4%?

Cyclical and demographic constraints make a sustained jump to much higher growth unlikely.

Key themes for the U.S.

Healthy labor markets and consumer spending bode well, but later-cycle dynamics pose constraints.

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