Market Insights

Economic check-in: headwinds and tailwinds

Economic check-in

With the global economy strengthening and U.S. stocks looking expensive, consider international markets.

The Fed's latest move

The Fed raised rates again. Still, there may be some opportunities in bonds.

Economy: Trade risks

Consider global stocks and inflation-resistant assets; avoid asset allocation bets.

Global convergence

With international and U.S. stocks on the rise, portfolios with exposure to both could benefit.

Markets and Economy

Think globally

If you’ve invested mainly in the U.S., consider diversifying internationally.

What's next for bonds?

The Fed may raise rates later this year. Still, there may be opportunities in corporate bonds.

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Business Cycle Update

Can the U.S. grow at 4%?

Cyclical and demographic constraints make a sustained jump to much higher growth unlikely.

Key themes for the U.S.

Healthy labor markets and consumer spending bode well, but later-cycle dynamics pose constraints.

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