Market Insights

Five scenarios for stocks

Five scenarios for stocks

After reaching record highs, stocks may grind slowly higher, says Jurrien Timmer, director of global macro.

Bond check-in: unusual times

Both bonds and stocks are up, some economic data is inconsistent, and it’s unclear when the Fed may raise rates.

Market check-in: a peculiar rally

With valuations of defensive assets high, consider rebalancing into inflation-sensitive assets.

August business cycle update

Modest global growth and inflation surprises may dampen Treasury and high-dividend-paying stock rally.

Markets and Economy

Markets: breakout or fakeout?

With stocks near record highs, what will it take for the momentum to continue? Earnings growth, says Jurrien Timmer.

Market update: key takeaways

Odds of a U.S. recession remain low, but market volatility is expected due to the Brexit aftermath.

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Business Cycle Update

June business cycle update

The stock market and economic outlook may depend on Federal Reserve and central bank decisions across the globe.

May business cycle update

The U.S. household sector remains in solid shape, and U.S. recession odds remain low, say our experts.

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