Market Insights

From Low Volatility to High Growth?

Low volatility to high growth?

A new pro-growth administration could kick-start stocks and a stagnant U.S. economy, but bring higher inflation, too.

Now what for markets?

Jurrien Timmer explains why we may have a rocky road ahead as markets react to the unexpected election results.

Economy on a slow roll

The business cycle is progressing toward the late-cycle phase as recession risks remain low.

The economy and the election

Our expert says odds are increasing for fiscal stimulus, inflation, and a shift to the late stage of the business cycle.

Markets and Economy

Market check-in

Earnings, interest rates, bond yields, and China are among the likely drivers of future market performance.

Behind the bond market sell-off

Mixed economic data and shifts in central bank policy are challenges, but opportunities are still out there.

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Business Cycle Update

Emerging markets upturn

The near-term prospects of emerging markets are favorable and that’s good for global stabilization.

August business cycle update

Modest global growth and inflation surprises may dampen Treasury and high-dividend-paying stock rally.

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