Market Insights

Protecting against inflation and deflation may be a tact to take in 2020, says Jurrien Timmer.

Testing investment strategies in a downturn
Scenario planning may help you focus on the long term through a market downturn.

Q1 market update: Uneven, mature expansion
Easing trade tensions and lower interest rates may help stabilize the global economy.

Impeachers impeach, investors invest
Political risk can impact financial markets, but not all political events pose risks.

Markets and economy

How to invest in the 2020s

Fidelity's Jurrien Timmer reviews some key drivers of global markets and investing ideas for the new decade.

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Business cycle update

The economic backdrop for 2020

With the US economy firmly in the late cycle phase, a cautious approach may be appropriate.

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Analyze US and world equity indexes, interest rates, research reports, and more.

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