Market Insights

Quarterly market update: Q1 2017 key takeaways

Key takeaways for Q1 2017

Global economy accelerates in 2016, markets bounce back. Potential policy concerns from Washington remain.

The economy: uncertainty and optimism

China's economic recovery and potential policy changes from Washington may boost growth and inflation—but also uncertainty.

Post-election market shifts

From stock and bond markets to interest rates and currencies, four charts illustrate some stark post-election shifts.

What's ahead for 2017

The year kicks off with a new president, higher rates, stocks at all-time highs–and new risks and opportunities.

Markets and Economy

Post-election wrap-up

One Fidelity expert sees the potential for stronger growth ahead but also inflation and policy risks.

Low volatility to high growth?

A new pro-growth administration could kick-start stocks and a stagnant U.S. economy, but bring higher inflation, too.

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Business Cycle Update

Economy: 2017 outlook

Get our base case U.S. economic outlook and the wide range of potential outcomes for policy in 2017.

Economy on a slow roll

The business cycle is progressing toward the late-cycle phase as recession risks remain low.

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