Market trends and insights

Find out what's moving markets and get timely economic updates and market outlooks from Fidelity professionals.

Recent market commentary

When bonds go bad

What to know if the issuer of bonds you own declares bankruptcy.

Fidelity Viewpoints: Market Sense

In this week's webcast: Market volatility and your retirement savings

Gold rallied, oil plunged on bank troubles

Banking turmoil has moved commodity prices.

What's happening with banks?

Uncertainty has fueled volatility in the sector.

The Fed and your money

Why the central bank’s interest rate decision matters for the economy, for markets—and you.

Ways to keep your cash safe

What to know about cash, banks, and insurance.

Special reports

Navigate the markets

When markets get choppy, it pays to have an investing plan and to stick to it.

Viewpoints Voices: Protect your portfolio

Portfolio manager Lars Schuster shares his outlook on recession and ways to try to inflation-proof your portfolio in volatile markets.

Chart of the week

And it's not just since SVB collapsed.

Insights from Fidelity's portfolio managers

Timely insights from Fidelity portfolio managers and analysts on navigating markets and long-term investing.

Inflation and your investments

Find out what you can do to help protect your money from inflation.

2023 investing outlook

Find out what's ahead for markets with insights from Fidelity's experts.

Quarterly updates

3 surprising themes for investors to watch now

Here's what history can teach us about the current market environment.

Market outlook: Slowing inflation sparks optimism

But lingering challenges remain, including the likelihood of a mild US recession.

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