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Recent market commentary

The end of US large-cap growth dominance?

After 11 years of leadership, a shift to small-cap, value, and non-US stocks is possible.

Can the economic recovery continue?

Yes, but rising COVID cases may slow the recovery. Continued fiscal stimulus is key.

Webcast: What's next for markets?

Stay up to date with the latest market conditions and what they mean to you.

Stocks look toward the future

The stock market is looking past COVID and the election as earnings improve.

Fiscal/monetary cocktail on ice until January?

Government spending has buoyed stocks—the recovery could depend on what comes next.

6 insights from Fidelity pros

How to stay on track with your investments as leadership shifts in Washington.

Special reports

Elections landing zone

Learn how the 2020 elections could impact growth, jobs, taxes, and financial markets.

Navigate markets

Find out what to consider when market volatility increases

Chart of the week

Charts can illustrate trends and potential patterns that may not be apparent otherwise. Check out this chart to analyze the latest market developments.

Quarterly updates

Recovery amid uncertainty

How might election-year unknowns affect the economy’s early-cycle recovery?

Q4 2020 sector scorecard

Consumer discretionary, materials, and industrials led in the third quarter.

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