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Recent market commentary

Bond yields and inflation

US inflation is high but low-yielding Treasurys are selling like hotcakes.

Fidelity Viewpoints: Market Sense

6/22: Investing in infrastructure

3 things to know about inflation now

This summer's rise in inflation is expected after last year's economic shutdown.

Investing in infrastructure, local and global

Proposals for more government spending may create opportunities for investors.

Will the Fed tank stocks?

The Fed will eventually take the punch bowl away—but that doesn’t mean the party has to end, says Jurrien Timmer.

Business cycle update

The economy is shifting into high gear with the vaccine-led reopening.

Special reports

Market volatility: Strategies for uncertain times

Find out what to consider when market volatility increases.

Insights from Fidelity's portfolio managers

Timely insights from Fidelity portfolio managers and analysts on navigating markets and long-term investing.

Chart of the week

Charts can illustrate trends and potential patterns that may not be apparent otherwise. Check out this chart to analyze the latest market developments.

Quarterly updates

Quarterly market update

Look out for high asset prices and rising inflation amid quickening growth.

Q2 2021 sector scorecard

The financials and energy sectors may be areas to watch as inflation returns.

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