Market trends and insights

Find out what's moving markets and get timely economic updates and market outlooks from Fidelity professionals.

Recent market commentary

Bear market basics

Looking at history can help make you "bear aware."

Fidelity Viewpoints: Market Sense

In this week's webcast: Midyear investing outlook

Investing outlook

Find out what's ahead for markets with insights from Fidelity's experts.

Three risks we're watching in the second half

How to manage what lies ahead: Don't panic.

Midyear 2022 investing ideas

Financials, value, and small caps are strategist Denise Chisholm's top picks.

Midyear US stock outlook

Stocks are searching for equilibrium as this rate-hike cycle unfolds.

Special reports

Navigate the markets

When markets get choppy, it pays to have an investing plan and to stick to it.

Viewpoints Voices: Protect your portfolio

Portfolio manager Lars Schuster shares his outlook on recession and ways to try to inflation-proof your portfolio in volatile markets.

Chart of the week

Charts can illustrate trends and potential patterns that may not be apparent otherwise. Check out this chart to analyze the latest market developments.

Insights from Fidelity's portfolio managers

Timely insights from Fidelity portfolio managers and analysts on navigating markets and long-term investing.

Inflation and your investments

Find out what you can do to help protect your money from inflation.

Housing market special report

What to consider in navigating this tricky real estate market.

Quarterly updates

Sectors to watch in Q2

Financials, health care, and consumer staples could be poised to lead.

Q2 2022: Global expansion intact

War, inflation, and rate increases rattled markets but economic growth persists.

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