Fixed income, bonds, and CDs

The bond markets are vast and varied places, filled with opportunities as well as risks. Fidelity's knowledge and expertise can help you understand how to make smart decisions about investing in these markets.

Bond basics

Learn what makes bonds unique, so you can better decide whether they are right for you.

Bond and money market funds

Find out more about how bond and money market mutual funds work and how to put them to work for you.

CD basics

Certificates of deposit can give you more short-term options for earning interest on your cash.

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Bond prices, rates, and yields

Learn how bond prices, rates, and yields are determined—and how they affect how much you might earn.

Fixed income investing

Become a smarter investor by going beyond the basics to learn about fixed income strategies and less-familiar securities.

Using fixed income and bond investing tools

Fidelity offers a wide variety of tools to help self-directed investors research, buy, and sell bonds.

On-demand webinars

Listen to Fidelity's experts to learn more about bonds and cash alternatives and the role they can play in your portfolio.