Investing Ideas

Reading the Fed

Divided Fed stands pat

A December interest rate hike is possible although our experts foresee relatively low rates for some time.

A bond with less rate risk?

Premium bonds cost more but may offer higher cash flow and less interest rate risk for some investors.

Perspective on rate changes

Four reasons why bond investors may want to ignore short-term concerns about an interest rate change.

Health stocks: beyond politics

A health care fund manager explains why the sector looks well positioned no matter who wins the presidency.

Investing Strategies

Pros' guide to diversification

It has proven its value—in good and bad markets. Find out why diversification makes sense, and how it works.

Three myths of index funds

Learn how actively managed mutual funds can help investors during volatile or down markets.

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Real estate rises up

Real estate will soon become the stock market's 11th sector. See what that may mean for investors.

Emerging markets update

Why lower income emerging markets like India, Indonesia and the Philippines may offer opportunities.

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An alternative for cash?

Short-duration bonds may hold some appeal, but come in different flavors. Find an option for you.

New life for money markets

The Fed move has increased interest rates, but investors need to consider new regulations when choosing a fund.

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