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Episode 9 - A rewind for your money matters: Lessons from season 4

November 2023 | 33 min 11 sec

It's the season finale! We're taking time to reflect on this year's biggest learnings and answer some final audience questions. From insights on financial wellness for women to AI's influence on the financial landscape, we're touching on topics that can have a big impact on your portfolio.

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Episode 01 - An investor's briefing

September 2023 | 28 min 39 sec

Volatile markets and inflation are top of mind for investors. We kick off season 4 by exploring the current economic and financial landscape and the tools investors can use to navigate it.

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Episode 2 - Women's financial wellness

September 2023 | 23 min 36 sec

Women and men can have very different lived experiences when it comes to money. We talk through what some of these differences are, discuss how they impact financial planning, and explore investing strategies that support women’s unique financial goals.

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Episode 3 - Investing trends by generation

September 2023 | 21 min 29 sec

Every generation approaches their money differently. We dive into the current generational investing trends and examine each generation’s strategies for short-term and long-term wealth building.

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Episode 4 - Income investing is back

September 2023 | 28 min 17 sec

2023 has been a year of soaring prices and rising inflation rates. In tough markets like today's, fixed-income maturities can help provide stability and growth. We review traditional income strategies—such as bonds, deferred fixed annuities, and CDs—as well as new innovations in the space, like fractional CDs.

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Episode 5 - Living off of your investments

September 2023 | 37 min 16 sec

Investing can have a huge impact on both your ability to save money and the way you spend it. This episode builds on episode 4 by exploring ways to live off your investments, with a focus on looking forward to retirement. We'll discuss the ins and outs of generating income, and we'll also explore some alternative ways to build revenue streams from real estate investments to other passive-income opportunities.

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Episode 6 - AI's boom and bloom

October 2023 | 32 min 19 sec

The AI boom has raised countless questions, concerns, and possibilities. We explore how AI is impacting the economy and how investors can navigate these changes.

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Episode 7 - AI + Investing

October 2023 | 21 min 32 sec

In this episode, we explore how AI is transforming the global investing experience. We discuss AI-based tools available to investors and the potential advantages that come with them.

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Episode 8 - Life Stages of Investing

October 2023 | 37 min 50 sec

In the penultimate episode of the season, we address significant life stages and how each stage can correlate to its own investing style. These include college life, investing with your partner, and preparing for retirement. We hit on starting or adjusting your investing style, understanding each phase’s needs, and how it all varies from person to person.

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Episode 01 - Finding financial confidence

September 2022 | 29 min 27 sec

Market uncertainty is on everyone's mind. Given rising interest rates, inflation, the crypto crash, and other economic trends, we talk about what this current climate means in the long term for investors. We also dive into market volatility, alternative currencies, inflation hedges, and examine the differences between market speculation and economic reality.

Episode 02 - Making your money make money

September 2022 | 18 min 33 sec

We dive into market volatility, alternative currencies, and inflation hedges, and examine the differences between market speculation and economic reality—and what it all means for investors like you.

Episode 03 - Time-honored passive income streams

September 2022 | 17 min 22 sec

Passive income is within reach for investors now more than ever. We break down how you can get in on some of the quintessential passive income strategies, plus how to leverage this capital once you have it.

Episode 04 - New-school passive income strategies

September 2022 | 20 min 52 sec

Passive income isn’t just rental properties and bond ladders anymore. There are plenty of modern, innovative opportunities out there and available to everyday investors. We break down what they are, how they’ve performed so far, and ways you can get involved.

Episode 05 - The lowdown on thematic investing

October 2022 | 21 min 3 sec

Thematic investing has emerged as a popular alternative to more traditional approaches. We break down the basics of this strategy, its appeal, the risks, and how to determine whether this method aligns with your financial goals.

Episode 06 -Getting personal with thematic investing

October 2022 | 10 min 36 sec

We dive into the ways you can incorporate thematic investing into your portfolio. We examine thematic categories, investing strategies, and how you can leverage these investments in your overall financial planning (including retirement).

Episode 07 - A crypto reckoning

October 2022 | 29 min 07 sec

We explore crypto in light of its recent performance and assess where it’s at as an asset class. We also dig into the key factors impacting its mid- to long-term outlook and what that could mean for investors.

Episode 08 - Crypto next chapter: impact and outlook

September 2022 | 22 min 29 sec

We discuss the ways investors like you can add crypto to your portfolio and actually use it. We also get into what the regulatory market looks like and how the Fed plans to tax all your hard-bought coins.

Episode 09 - Knowledge equals confidence: Lessons from Season 3

October 2022 | 23 min 56 sec

It's the season finale! We're taking time to reflect on this year's biggest learnings, and answer some final audience questions. From over-diversification to retirement planning, we're touching on topics that can have a big impact on your portfolio. Bonus; you can watch and listen to this episode.

Episode 01 - Getting active

September 2021 | 22 min 37 sec

If you want to be an active trader – not a passive investor – there are a few things you should know. We talk about what those are, and how you can create a disciplined plan for your trades.

Episode 02 - How to build your trading strategy

September 2021 | 27 min 33 sec

So you've got some hard-earned cash, and you want to put it to work. Learn more about how to develop a personal philosophy on building wealth, centered on whether investing or trading is right for you.

Episode 03 - Where crypto stands now

September 2021 | 20 min 14 sec

Crypto has dominated financial headlines in the past few years, with jaw-dropping successes as well as a few stubborn obstacles. We discuss how ordinary investors should think about the alternative asset--and whether it's now asset.

Episode 04 - Crypto as a part of an investing strategy

September 2021 | 22 min 28 sec

Cryptos are a little different from your run-of-the-mill stock or bond, so we walk through some considerations to help you think about ways you may incorporate them into your portfolio.

Episode 05 - Attack of the SPACs

October 2021 | 16 min 17 sec

Over the past year, SPACs have had a dizzying rise, but now appear to be hitting some speed bumps. We talk through the rise and fall, and hone in on where the alt-IPO method stands now.

Episode 06 - SPACs in your portfolio?

October 2021 | 14 min 46 sec

SPACs' domination of financial headlines may have you wondering if you should join the party. We talk about how best to do that, from evaluating sponsors to how long you might have to wait for a return.

Episode 07 - Location, location … investment?

October 2021 | 17 min 12 sec

We tackle physical real estate as a potential wealth builder: what kind of asset it is relative to, equities, and the broader economy--and how to get involved if you feel it's right for you.

Episode 08 - How to buy real estate without buying property

October 2021 | 15 min 32 sec

Purchasing property isn't for everyone, and that’s okay. We discuss how to invest in real estate through tools like REITs, which give you exposure to real estate without the hassle of ownership.

Episode 09 - What are our options?

November 2021 | 14 min 45 sec

Options are a commonly used investment tool, and they can be incredibly helpful for managing risk. But they can also be challenging, so we talk through the pros and cons of this handy tool.

Episode 10 - Your options on options

November 2021 | 15 min 06 sec

Putting our knowledge of options into practice: we go over how to think about options in your portfolio relative to other assets, and how to make sure you don't get carried away.

Episode 11 - The power of compound interest

November 2021 | 16 min 59 sec

Investing over a significant period of time can help your money grow. Not only that, but that growth itself can grow. We walk through exactly why that is, and how you can put it to work for your wealth goals.

Episode 12 - Playing with FIRE

November 2021 | 15 min 27 sec

We chat about the FIRE movement, a group of people who adopt ambitious saving and investing habits with a goal of retiring early and gaining financial independence. You don't have to go full FIRE, but the movement's principles offer helpful lessons for any investor.

Episode 13 - Picking a brokerage

December 2021 | 13 min 00 sec

Digital investing seems to be all the rage--but is an online brokerage the best way to meet your needs? And if so, how should you go about picking one?

Episode 14 - Leveling up

December 2021 | 16 min 55 sec

We give listeners a brief overview of some of the trickier investing techniques, including swaps, fractional shares, and investing on margin.

Episode 15 - Lessons and reflections

December 2021 | 7 min 51 sec

Alex talks through his biggest takeaways from Season 2 of Fresh Invest.

Episode 01 - The IPO Rush

October 2020 | 18 min 12 sec

Alex marches down to the NYSE to demand some answers. Kidding. But he does tap Sam Shore for a conversation on the current trend of companies—many not even profitable yet—considering going public, and what that means for the investors watching it unfold.

Episode 02 - The Year of Gold

November 2020 | 18 min 36 sec

No, people aren't panning for gold like it's 1849—but gold prices are soaring and we should all be paying attention.

Episode 03 - Trading in a Post-Election Market

November 2020 | 19 min 10 sec

The results are in, and with them comes a deluge of information and market volatility. How should you financially prepare post-election?

Episode 04 - Back to Work

November 2020 | 15 min 11 sec

Will it be WFH for the win? We explore what a job outside a physical office can mean for your money.

Episode 05 - Shopping in a New Winter Wonderland

November 2020 | 15 min 58 sec

The rise of e-commerce this holiday season may have bigger implications beyond where you find yourself on Black Friday.

Episode 06 - Millennials Head To Suburbia

December 2020 | 15 min 05 sec

Beyond an uptick in virtual housewarming parties, what’s the impact of city dwellers fleeing to the suburbs and how can one achieve their home ownership goals?

Episode 07 - Tracking Tech Giants

December 2020 | 12 min 50 sec

Big Tech has been on a heater with a string of strong earnings reports in Q3 of this year. But are they deserving of the disproportionate attention they get?

Episode 08 - GDP and ME

December 2020 | 16 min 28 sec

Chatting about the gross domestic product doesn’t have to sound so...gross. We talk all things GDP and why young investors should care.