Margin loans

Whether you need extra money for a short-term financing need or buying more securities, a margin loan may help you get the money you need.

Trading on margin

Buying securities on margin allows you to acquire more shares than you could on a cash-only basis. If the stock price goes up, your earnings are potentially amplified because you hold more shares. Conversely, if the stock moves against you, you could potentially lose more than your initial investment. Keep in mind, you'll have to pay interest on the amount borrowed.

More advanced trading strategies

Advanced options strategies

Having both a margin and an options agreement allows you to place advanced options trades* such as spreads, butterflies, and uncovered options on equities, ETFs, and indexes.

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Short selling

This trading strategy offers a way for investors to benefit from an anticipated decline in a stock's price.

About short selling

Active investing

A margin agreement, along with higher minimum account balances, are required for certain types of active trading.

Day trading FAQs

A complete margin offering

Portfolio margin

Generally allows for lower margin requirements and greater buying power by considering the risk of your portfolio as a whole

Limited margin

Allows you to trade on unsettled funds and trade without triggering trading restrictions, such as good faith violations, in an IRA1

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Tools to help make informed trading decisions


Margin calculator

View any position's current margin requirements, calculate the impact of hypothetical trades, and see how price changes can affect your margin requirements and balances.

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Margin alerts

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Putting it to work

Watch these videos to get a better understanding of how margin may amplify your profits as well as your losses based on the directional movement of a stock's price.

Insights and education

Avoid margin account trading violations
Learn more about possible margin violations to help you avoid making these mistakes.

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