Extra login security

Prevent unauthorized access to your account by adding 2-factor authentication (2FA) at login—verifying it’s you through either your phone or Symantec VIP Access app. It’s your choice.

2FA by text or call

Upon each login, choose to have Fidelity send a 6-digit security code directly to your phone (or an alternate phone number) via text or voice call. The code is not a password that you need to create and remember—simply enter the one-time code you receive to verify it’s you.

Enable 2FA by text or call today:

Learn more how 2-factor authentication by text or call works.

2FA by Symantec VIP Access app

Through our partnership with Symantec, use Symantec’s free Validation and ID Protection (VIP) Access app, which generates a randomized 6-digit code on your Mac, PC, or mobile phone each time you attempt to log in. To complete your login, you‘ll then be prompted to enter the code from your VIP app, which is valid for 30 seconds.

Enable VIP Access today with our simple 2-step process:


Step 2: Call us:

Once you've installed the application, please call us at 800-544-6666 to activate it.