Monitor your accounts

Helpful advice to keep all your accounts—not just the ones at Fidelity—secure.

Review monthly

Log in every month and look at your accounts with an eye out for anything amiss. If you spot something, report it immediately. While you're monitoring your account activity, we recommend also checking your address, phone, and email to make sure they’re up to date. This will enable us to contact you quickly if necessary and ensure that you receive important information.

Security alerts and email notifications

You can choose to be alerted on your mobile device when certain activities occur in your account, including money movement and changes to your profile and password. To set up security text alerts, visit the Security CenterLog In Required. Also, pay attention to email notifications from us. We’ll let you know about any changes made to your account—so if you didn’t request them, contact us immediately.

Additional steps you can take

  • Request and review your credit report. Every US citizen can get one for free annually from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Check to see if your credit rating has changed or if there have been any requests for new credit that weren’t made by you.
  • Switch to online statements. Prevent your sensitive information from getting lost or stolen in the journey from our facilities to your home. Sign up to receive your statements electronically. If you receive paper statements, shred them before disposing of them.
  • Protect your personal identity. Join IDnotifyTM and get a discount especially for Fidelity customers. IDnotify will monitor all your accounts, alert you if your online data is compromised, and provide you with 24/7 identity restoration support.
  • Safeguard your loved ones from elder fraud. EverSafe provides next-level monitoring of seniors’ accounts and can alert family members to any suspicious activity. Start with a free 30-day trial, then take advantage of the discount for Fidelity customers.