Monitor Your Accounts

Review monthly

You would know better than anyone if something has gone missing from your account or if changes have been made that you didn't initiate. Log in every month and look at your accounts with an eye out for anything amiss. If you spot something, report it immediately.

Set up security text alerts

To help you stay on top of account activity, you can choose to be alerted on your mobile device when certain activities occur in your account, including money movement and changes to your profile and password. To begin receiving security alerts, simply visit the Security CenterLog In Required and add your mobile number.

Request credit reports

Did you know that every U.S. citizen is entitled to one free annual credit report from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion? Take advantage of the benefit to see if there has been a change in your credit rating or a request for new credit. It can be an indication that someone stole your identity or tampered with your accounts.

Switch to online statements

Fidelity and many other financial institutions give you the option of receiving your statements through their website instead of through the mail. We encourage you to switch to online statements to prevent your sensitive information from getting lost or stolen in the journey from our facilities to your home. Sign up to receive your statements electronically

If you receive paper statements, shred them before disposing of them.

Pay attention to email notifications

Email notifications from Fidelity will contain important information about changes made on your account. If you didn't request the change you are being notified about, you should contact us immediately.

Check your contact information

While you're monitoring your account activity, we recommend checking your contact information every so often to make sure that it's up-to-date. Keeping your address current will assure that no sensitive information is sent to a previous address. Providing your current phone number and email address will help us contact you quickly if necessary.