Fidelity Access℠

Sharing your Fidelity account data with confidence

To enhance the protection of your Fidelity account data, Fidelity has established a secure connection that better controls how third-party websites and applications that you've authorized, and the data aggregators they use, connect to your Fidelity accounts. We call this connection Fidelity Access.

When you choose to access your Fidelity account information through a website or application that has an integrated connection to Fidelity via Fidelity Access, you’ll be automatically linked to Fidelity. You complete the process by authorizing Fidelity to allow the website or application to access the account information for the Fidelity accounts you identified. With Fidelity Access, you never have to provide your Fidelity username and password to a third party. In addition, you can use your data sharing dashboard to remove a third party’s authorization to access your Fidelity account information.

Fidelity Access FAQs

  • What is Fidelity Access?

    Fidelity Access provides a convenient and more secure way to share your Fidelity account data with third-party websites and applications using our integrated connection. This means you do not provide your Fidelity username and password to these third parties to access your Fidelity account data.

  • How do third-party financial websites and applications obtain Fidelity account data without Fidelity Access?

    Third-party websites, apps and data aggregators that don’t use Fidelity Access to obtain your Fidelity account information likely obtain that information through a practice called “screen scraping”. To accomplish this, the third-party website, app, or aggregator requires you to provide them with your username and password for your Fidelity accounts. They then use your Fidelity username and password to log into your Fidelity accounts and to extract your Fidelity account information for their use or for use by the third-party financial site or application they serve. Since these third parties access your Fidelity accounts using your username and password, they have the same access to much of the same information that you do when you log in to your Fidelity accounts.

  • Will changing my Fidelity password interrupt my connection with any third parties using Fidelity Access?

    Changing your Fidelity password will not affect those third–party websites and applications that access your account information via Fidelity Access but will prevent those other third-party websites and apps from screen scraping your Fidelity account information by using your Fidelity username and password that you previously provided to them.

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