Our Latest Thinking on the Economy and Your Portfolio Advisory Services Account*

The COVID-19 outbreak continues to be a tragic situation, affecting the lives and livelihoods of millions around the world. Although we believe the market backdrop has improved with some signs of a steadier economy, some risks remain.

  • We continue to draw on our rigorous research to stay informed about the current market environment to manage your account.
  • We believe that government efforts to support and gradually re-open economies around the world have brought about more certainty for investors.
  • We have increased exposure to U.S and international stocks in most client accounts as we look for opportunities to best position long-term investors.

Latest portfolio manager insights

How we’re managing the opportunities and challenges in today’s markets (8:00)

Although the last few months have been challenging, markets are now higher than they were in March. Your investment team is here to help you navigate these uncertain times. Watch our new video for insights into the opportunities we see in the stock market right now.

Quarterly Market Perspective: First Quarter 2020 (5:06)

Our investment team is here to navigate these difficult times. Watch this brief video to learn how we've sought to lower risk in client accounts,* and why we believe markets will eventually stabilize.

Markets, emotions, and you

Fidelity Viewpoints®

Understanding market cycles and how they can impact your emotions can help you be a better investor.